For companies, a training plan is essential for improving the productivity and competitiveness of their human capital. The main aim is to design training strategies that will enable the company to achieve its planned objectives.

At Melt Group we help you create this complete guide containing each of the actions to be put in place by the organisation in terms of training. Our Human Resources Consultancy is committed to optimising your company employee training programme.

We offer you the best training resources, tailored to suit each sector.

What is a company training plan?

The training plan allows you to positively distance yourself from the competition. In a constantly changing job market, retraining, updating and refreshing employee skills is essential.

All business needs must be thoroughly detailed and planned beforehand. Our human resources training programmes will help your organisation to be at the forefront in your sector.

Innovation and new technologies are the keys to the current job market. To optimise the way your business operates, we help you provide the necessary resources for retraining your employees.

Having a training plan for companies is vital if you want to have specialist employees in all your posts. We analyse sector demands and reflect them in the training strategy, which improves company productivity and staff value.

One of the purposes of training plans in companies is basically to eliminate shortfalls or gaps that may exist with respect to the competition. Well-trained workers make for a more productive organisation.


The objectives of a company training plan

1. Knowing the abilities of your employees

Having real knowledge of your employees’ skills and proficiencies is a top priority for developing a good training plan. Evaluating workers allows us to obtain relevant data in order to improve the team. Planning objectively and carrying out a skills study makes it much easier to get the best performance out of your staff.

2. Boosting employee skills

The company’s own employees often have a set of skills that can be developed. The company needs to provide the resources and the pathways to achieving this. In many cases, this methodology allows us to fill major posts within the organisation’s working environment, without having to look for them outside. Opting for training your human capital and allowing the employees to get involved in the process is an essential step forward for any growing business.

3. Optimising staff performance

If you give a company’s human team the tools and resources they need to develop professionally, you’ll be helping them to optimise company performance, leading to improved productivity.

With a company training plan we are able to lay the foundations of a business that cares about its staff, which, in the end, is its most important asset. One of the main objectives of a company training plan is the chance to obtain highly qualified staff for the various posts within the organisation.

All this translates into productivity and efficiency. In many cases the talent lies inside the company itself, but you have to know how to pinpoint it and promote it.

How is a training plan produced?

The first step in developing a company training plan is based on a detailed prior study of current needs. For this, you could opt for a SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses, putting possible threats and opportunities on the table as well.


Armed with this information we know what our starting point is. With the initial detailed study we can design the training plan based on the objectives we need to cover. The best way to do this is by using easily measurable indicators, as they will allow decisions to be made within the organisational framework at a later stage.

Enlisting the help of training experts is key to fulfilling the purposes outlined in the training strategy. At Melt Group we have the experience required to develop customised business training plans.

Our team of HR experts always aims to provide you with fast, top quality and highly efficient solutions.

How company training plans are designed

  • Details of the objectives: the starting point will always be the description of the objectives, which must be detailed and well established. They must be real objectives, which can be achieved through training the human capital of the business.
  • Quality courses: deciding which courses and training programmes are going to be put in place is essential when designing the company training plan. Analysing and establishing the content required is a priority. The methodology used is also an important factor, so employees can complete their training efficiently and the success of the entire procedure is ensured.
  • Analysis of trainers: the skills of the trainer are essential for all this development to bring good results. It is possible to opt for having an in-house company training team, but you can also outsource specialist external trainers.
  • Implementing the training: the place, timetable and length of time to be devoted to carrying out each training process. The courses can be run either in-house or in external facilities, depending on the requirements of each situation. It’s important to take a flexible approach so employees are not overwhelmed by these programmes.
  • Who will undergo training: each training programme will be aimed at a different set of workers. It’s possible to plan suitable courses that all staff can attend, but with more specific training it’s essential to clarify which employees will be required to attend sessions.
  • Evaluation: the workers are the ones who will have their say in this case. After completing their training, they should be able to give feedback to the company, so they can report back on how the course was delivered and describe their own impressions.  This will help you in the future. You could say that it is basically about measuring results.
  • Budgets: each company should allocate a budget for employee training.  The domestic market is constantly changing and innovation is part of our everyday business. Keeping employees at the forefront in their industry and in their jobs is a top priority.
  • Final results: once the entire training process has finished, the company training plan should include a full evaluation analysis. Measuring the results obtained is very important, as this provides the basis for decision-making. It’s also a fundamental step in detecting weaknesses in the how the initial plan has been delivered, allowing it to be altered for subsequent versions.

How can we help you?

At Melt Group we help you develop your company training plan. Our HR Consultancy service has proven expertise in the development of all kinds of actions within the Human Resources framework.

Our knowledge of Human Resources training programmes allows us to offer you quality solutions, focused on efficiency and on achieving specific objectives. Contact Melt Group and give your employees’ skills the value they deserve.


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