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We are currently living through a process of digital transformation in which more and more companies need to increase their productivity levels and be more competitive in order to guarantee the growth and economic development of their corporations. In order to achieve this, it is essential to have the best IT talent, professionals who add value to the company, streamline processes and actively collaborate in improving results.


Understanding the IT sector

The IT sector is currently the area offering the most favourable employment prospects, with one of the best prospects for the future. However, it is a complex sector due to a number of factors: despite rising recruitment levels, the number of professionals actively seeking employment is falling. The lack of candidates is one of the elements that highlights the critical role of Human Resources in the IT sector. 

In addition, talent shortage, i.e. the lack of professionals to fill a specific job position, is a very common phenomenon, especially in this sector, where the emergence of new software, applications and interfaces requires specialised and highly qualified personnel to perform specific tasks. 

It is complicated but not impossible to find and retain the best talent when it comes to the IT sector.


At Melt Group we keep abreast of trends and changes in the labour environment, which is why we focus on highlighting compensation and benefits in job offers, as well as the possibility of projection and career development in the jobs we offer through company projects, to improve the retention of talent in companies. Through the development of these strategies, we contribute to incorporating talent into our clients’ workforces and, therefore, to improving the performance of their organisations in terms of their activity”.

The IT sector is constantly growing, and more and more digitalised sectors are in need of qualified personnel to manage their IT area. That is why the selection of personnel trained in Information Technology plays an essential role in finding the best talent. At Melt Group we know how to attract and identify the best IT professionals.

Top trends in IT sector

Nowadays, the relationship between salary packages and benefits is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in need of IT talent. Those willing to offer a range of benefits that include telecommuting will find it easier to retain IT talent. Having a competitive, attractive and technologically cutting-edge brand is another of the main attractions for these professionals.  

In addition to the growth of the sector as such, there is also a progressive increase in salary levels in almost all programming positions, especially those related to data and Cloud profiles.

IT SECTOR - Melt Group

Retaining talent: a challenge

The job market is constantly evolving, especially in the area of Information Technology. Employee needs and requirements have also evolved, so attracting and retaining the best talent is no easy task. That is why maintaining a stable workforce is a challenge in any sector, but especially in the IT sector. This is due to the high demand for staff in the sector and the high turnover rate. But when you manage to maintain a balance between a stable workforce and the addition of new talent, the result is an increase in the quality of the service you offer.

The challenge of retaining talent requires a change in talent retention strategies through factors that not only involve salary policies, but also improving the personal experience in the work environment: making the candidate feel that they are part of a project, that they are generating a positive brand idea, as well as adapting to changes easily and safely is a priority today. 

At Melt Group we know the dynamics of the new working environment, as well as the requirements of IT profiles when it comes to finding well-being and job satisfaction. This is the key to retaining talent: offering flexible conditions, a good working environment and good leadership.

Main profiles in IT sector

Developer profiles

These are the most in demand, and the most popular technologies are JavaScript and Typescript (Angular, React, Node.JS, etc.) JAVA, .NET, PHP, Python, as well as IOS and Android mobile application developers. In addition, there is an increasing demand for profiles such as Cyber Security Consultant, Data Engineer, Data Analysts and Data Scientist.

Infrastructure Profiles

Following the trend of digital transformation that organisations are adopting, the search for profiles specialised in emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is continuously growing.

Functional profiles

Functional analysts play a relatively new role in the IT field, related to the analysis and implementation processes of information systems. This professional helps to use software systems for specific purposes such as financial or management tasks. IT Business Analyst, ERP Consultants, Project Managers or Cyber Security Consultant are some of the profiles specialised in functional analysis.
IT SECTOR - Melt Group

HR Consulting Specialised in IT

When it comes to the field of Information Technology, training is vital in order to keep abreast of new developments in a constantly growing environment. 

Melt Group’s IT team has extensive training and expertise in the field of new technologies and the use of information. In addition, all new recruits to the team receive specific training in order to clearly understand the profile of the candidates and the needs of the company seeking talent. 

At Melt Group we are committed to the candidates, as well as to the companies in order to meet the needs of both the development and recruitment of talent.

Building a good IT team requires a good strategy. By analysing the company, as well as the external market, the competition and candidate profiles, we develop the best strategic alternatives for our clients, also in the IT sector. 

At Melt Group we are up to date on the latest developments in the sector, we are aware of the importance and growing difficulty of attracting and retaining employees and, for this reason, we have a series of strategies to attract and retain the best talent in your company.

How we do it? - The four elements at Melt Group

At Melt Group, commitment is a priority; we want to be part of the process. Our three fundamental pillars are based on proximity, the search for good candidates and speed in the procedures.


We build long-term relationships with both candidates and companies. We know the needs of the market well and keep up to date with the latest developments to guarantee a good service. 

On the one hand, we count on the candidate, we make a point of getting to know their concerns and aspirations, as well as providing them with all the valuable and necessary information about a job offer. 

On the other hand, we are committed to meeting the needs of the company that wants to recruit talent, finding the most suitable candidates that meet their specific needs.


At Melt Group we are looking for a standard of quality in the process, so it is essential to be fast. Both to give feedback to a candidate interested in an offer, as well as to communicate if there has been a rejection. We communicate quickly to speed up the processes, so we are more efficient and do not let opportunities slip through our fingers.

In addition, we have a management software that allows us to speed up the candidate search process. It is an ATS in which we classify profiles by technology, which provides greater precision and agility in finding the most suitable profiles for each position.

Best candidates

Through the selection process we find the best talent for each company. All this thanks to a team that is in constant training and has a deep understanding of how IT works.

Part of the process

We do not work as external consultants, but as an active part of the project. We make a point of getting to know it in depth in order to be able to offer detailed information to the candidate, accompanying them throughout the process. We know what benefits they are going to have, what technology they are going to use, as well as what role they are going to play in the position on offer.

Find the best technology and digital talent

Posting vacancies

Encontramos el talento que mejor se adapta a las necesidades de tu empresa con la publicación de vacantes en diferentes portales de empleo, contando siempre con las ofertas publicadas en la web de Melt Group.

Talent search

Software developers, information architecture specialists, systems engineers, data science specialists, management specialists… these are some of the professional profiles that form part of our database.

IT SECTOR - Melt Group
IT SECTOR - Melt Group

Employer Branding

Attract specialised IT talent by promoting your company brand. It is about building a company image that is attractive not only to clients but also to potential candidates. You will go from looking for talent to being the ones who will come to your company because they want to work with you, which will make it more competitive in the labour market.

IT Recruitment

The IT sector works differently in that, as a rule, there are more job vacancies than available candidates. It is for this reason that candidates are of great value. 

The IT candidate is a highly valued profile, so there is a demand for important benefits. It is a very competitive sector, where candidates are demanding in terms of job characteristics. Flexible working hours, training and the possibility of growth and projection are some of the elements that an IT candidate expects from a job offer. That is why offering competitive benefits is crucial in order to find and retain the best talent.

The importance of the Technology Stack

Having a competent and up-to-date Technological Stack is fundamental when it comes to attracting IT talent. Being able to work with the latest technological systems and offer cutting-edge tools can be decisive when it comes to a candidate opting for one position or another. At Melt Group we are aware of this, we know the importance of having a good Technological Stack, which is essential to be up to date, offer competitive offers and attract the best IT talent.

IT SECTOR - Melt Group

The IT candidate

If you are an IT professional you can join our database. Our specialised team will review your profile, with the aim of offering you the career opportunities that best suit your needs and expectations. 

If you want to work in the Information Technology sector, you can apply for the job offers that match your profile. We will offer you positions that will ensure your professional growth and projection. 

At Melt Group we are committed to specialising in the selection and recruitment of IT personnel. We look for talentWe look for talent for companies that fit this type of profile, making a perfect match between the characteristics of the candidate and the needs of the company, with the aim of offering a good project to the first and that the company has a sustained growth.

IT SECTOR - Melt Group

Are you looking for IT talent? We find the best option for you

If you need IT talent to build a good team in your company, you are in the best hands. At Melt Group we have in-depth knowledge of the IT sector, its characteristics, the latest trends and candidate requirements. 

We find the talent that best suits your company’s needs, and we also have techniques and strategies to attract and, above all, retain talent. We guarantee the possibility of building a solid, valid and efficient team so that your company gains in quality and competitiveness.


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