The methodology for finding talent is advancing and evolving by leaps and bounds. In the world of work and thanks to technological advances, new figures have also emerged. The truth is that new technologies have transformed the recruitment paradigm and traditional selection processes have given way to a new era with different methodologies. Today we will talk about one of them: The nethunter.

Throughout this article we will discover all about this new figure that is gaining more and more weight in Human Resources departments. No more traditional paper CVs; now we will focus on social profiles. Do you want to know more about these new recruiters and how to get their attention? We invite you to read our article!

Who is the nethunter?

We can define this profile as a new, updated and modern version of Headhunters, i.e. a person who is in charge of recruiting the best candidate for a position. However, the difference lies in the way they do it, it is not through a traditional paper CV, but through the candidate’s social profiles. This name comes from the fusion between network and headhunting.

The nethunter does use traditional recruitment tools, but they also include new technology and the Internet in their process to find talent.

The nethunter’s selection process, therefore, focuses on the use of web 2.0 and, above all, on the candidate’s social networks. These professionals study the digital profiles of the person interested in the position and obtain a large amount of information from them: Published images that can provide the recruiter with interesting information about the person.

Nethunters have increased their presence due to the growing importance of the Internet, not only for job searches, but also to share the professional qualities of candidates. This is why these headhunters are dedicated to researching the profiles of their candidates on the Internet.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… Any social network can be a source of information and interest for the nethunder. Their aim is to follow your digital footprint. Although digitalisation has facilitated the search for candidates in many ways, when it comes to a specific sector, recruitment can be complicated by the large amount of data available on the web.

What is a nethunter’s job like?

The tasks that a nethunter must perform are complex, despite the fact that there are tools and platforms that speed up this recruitment process. Here are their main functions.

Tracking the digital footprint:

This is one of the most important tasks in your search. The first thing the nethunter will do is google your name to see the first data that appears. In addition, it will check your social networks such as Linkedin, Instragram or Twitter to also find your CV with more information.

Analysis of your social media profiles

The truth is that the more formal information that appears on Linkedin is not enough for the nethunter. Its purpose is to study your profile in depth in order to know what kind of candidate you are and to choose the best talent. The nethunter will collect and analyse all the information from both your more formal and more social profiles. For example, spelling mistakes you make on a social network can be a key point for recruitment.

Study images

The photographs and images posted by candidates are an additional source of information for the recruiter. Through them, it is possible to find out about the person’s hobbies, interests….

Online community

Another important point that the nethunter takes into account is their participation in the social network, that is to say, who they follow, what they share, if they are proactive…

Contact with the candidate

When a candidate catches the attention of the nethunter, he/she will contact him/her, either directly or anonymously. Through this first contact – it can be a comment in a publication or by creating a conversation with him/her – you will be able to know how this candidate communicates and relates.

Advantages of nethunting for your company

For companies and human resources, the search for talent has become a great challenge. That is why it is becoming more and more common to include nethunting in the recruitment process. Here are the advantages of nethunting!

Greater professionalism and accuracy

The amount of information about a candidate and its subsequent study allows the nethunter to be more accurate in the choice, as he/she keeps the best options.

Less competition

Not many companies have nethunters – it is an added value -, so the most talented profiles are more attracted to them. In addition, the nethunter creates a more direct contact with the candidate.

Entering the digital world

Digitalisation and the advance of new technologies are becoming more and more evident, so having expert profiles in these will improve the digital development of your company.


A very positive aspect of this figure is the agility with which the selection processes are developed.

How do you get the attention of the nethunter?

Here are some tips so that you can attract the attention of nethunters and that, after reviewing your profiles, they get a good impression of you and select you:

  • Check your social media profiles: Analyse your images, profile pictures, biographies… On platforms such as Linkedin, try to use a more formal profile and on other platforms aimed at entertainment, take care of the content you are going to share.
  • Be active: Post, share, comment, etc. This way you will demonstrate an interest and a proactive profile with the Internet community. Create and share valuable content.
  • Take care of your contacts: The nethunter will also look at your network of contacts to get to know the circles you move in and your interests.

The world of human resources goes hand in hand with digitalisation and its evolution. We are facing a digital scenario that forces us to adapt to achieve success. At Melt Group we adapt to change in order to offer the best services. The Internet has become a fundamental tool for the world of human resources and getting the most out of it is a challenge.

Our commitment is to guarantee complete quality in the services we offer. Contact us and request information without obligation.

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