Strategic HR Consulting

The constant change that we experience in organizations, new business models, new ways of working require extraordinary flexibility on the part of companies that enables quick adaptations to the changing situation. Having talent within a company allows that adaptation with greater fluidity because it is the team itself that facilitates these changes and adaptations.

Melt Group knows that finding the necessary talent and making the most of it is increasingly complex. Therefore, through the Strategic HR Consulting service, we provide our clients with a vision and methodology through which people are one of the pillars of the business strategy, improving processes, systems and results.

Our staff can make the competitive difference that the market demands from us and it is the Melt Group Strategic HR Consulting service that can help you to generate it, getting the right people with the appropriate abilities and in the correct place.

Building a good team requires a good strategy.

There are many challenges that we must face if we are responsible for the human resources in a company. Overcoming each of them is critical to business success. The human resources consultancy of Melt Group is committed to designing ad hoc strategies for our clients. To ensure the success of these strategies, knowledge of the sector and the technology used are necessary.


Strategic Human Resources Consultancy

We formulate the best strategic alternatives for our clients through the analysis of the business, both internally in the company and externally in the market and the competition.

Strategic consultancy focuses on the overall organizational conception of the company. In addition, it allows us to establish a correct distribution of employees for the optimum development of their functions and productivity improvement of the company.

4 key points to optimize business performance

We analyse and diagnose your organization

Meetings will be held with the departments to understand the functions and responsibilities of each of the job positions, detailing: the mission, function and purpose pursued in accordance with the company strategy. In turn, we will investigate the tasks and functions of competitor profiles.

We set objectives and goals.

When we have diagnosed the situation, we will proceed to establish objective criteria for the strategy to be followed. The project integrates 5 phases, each one essential to obtain objective and useful results. Position descriptions, position evaluations, professional career plans, remuneration study and strategic remuneration plan. Melt Group can offer the alternatives of comprehensive consultancy or the services independently.

We develop a plan for the future

Our mission is to intervene in the Human Resources projects in organizations, generating effective, measurable and reliable results that will endure over time.

We will optimize the resources of the company

Through strategy, we improve business resources such as productivity and cost optimization and provide companies with tools that will enable them to improve their future prospects in the long term.

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