If you are looking for a job or trying to get a better job you have to pay close attention to your professional skills. At Melt Group we have already told you about the aptitudes of the best workers, but what are job skills and how can you improve them? Today we are going to explain everything you need to know about it, in order to improve your job search.

Today’s companies demand a series of professional skills when it comes to enhancing talent within their organization. To these skills must be added specific training and previous work experience. The Human Resources department goes much further to fill positions in modern companies.

What are professional skills?

We could define professional skills as the competencies that an employee must have in order to perform their job. It is the knowledge, aptitudes and attitudes that make you the ideal person to carry out a specific task.

It is essential to distinguish between personal, professional and social skills, since Human Resources experts look for a mixture of all three to achieve success in personnel recruitment.

The main professional skills

  • Ability to work in a team: although employees have very different profiles, they must have that inherent ability for team working. In this way, much better results are obtained in companies.
  • Knowing how to adapt: this is a professional skill that is highly sought-after by talent recruiters. A good professional must have the ability to adapt to different situations and various positions within the company. This is key to achieving the objectives set.
  • Executing quickly: it is one thing to theorize and another to practice. The good employee must know how to execute everything that has been thought of and must do it safely. It is a skill in which facts are the priority.
  • Organizational ability: another of the professional skills that we look for in candidates for different jobs is knowing how to organise themselves within the work environment. In this sense, the worker must know how to prioritise, have analytical and decision-making abilities.
  • Creativity: creativity is a priority in today’s world of work. Currently, it is important to imagine ways to carry out the assigned function successfully. The objective is to discover how to optimize the company’s resources to improve work processes and obtain greater benefits.
  • Ability to learn: another fundamental professional skill is to have the ability to improve at work through learning. New technologies are constantly changing and we need to have staff who are capable of constantly updating their knowledge.
  • Communication: communication ability is an infallible way to promotion in your job. Communicating enables us to interact with different groups within the work environment.
  • Languages: one of the professional skills that is most sought-after in all recruitment and personnel selection processes is languages. Many companies have international departments and require a well-prepared team that is capable of carrying out their functions in different languages.

Professional skill vs social skill: the differences

When we talk about social skills we refer to those behaviours that we have learned over time and are effective in being able to interact with all kinds of people. The culture of the person is an influential aspect of these types of skills, which are very different from professional skills. However, HR experts also look for different social skills in the candidates during the selection processes.

Social skills refer to relationships between people and do so in a generalist way. Although, they are also influential in the world of work. However, professional skills are considered only in the work environment.

Professional skills are obtained over time, since they are mostly learned behaviours, which can be improved through training and dedication. Social skills are acquired through one’s own experience and are very difficult to improve through the learning process.

At Melt Group we organize specialized and customized personnel selection and recruitment processes for each client. Contact our team of Human Resources specialists to improve your company’s processes.

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