Professional career plans

In our Strategic Human Resources Consultancy, we offer our clients services based on quality and excellence. Designing professional career plans for employees in a company is key for retaining talent and avoiding unwanted resignations. Therefore, Melt Group proposes a series of strategic measures that will make your business grow.

Currently, the economic salary is important. But the workers of many organizations are looking for something more than this. Incentives have become a fundamental component when deciding to start a professional career in a specific company. This is what we know as the emotional salary, which Melt Group keeps strongly in mind when developing our strategic remuneration plans.

Having well designed and detailed professional career plans enables us to promote the retention of talented staff that we don’t want to walk away from our company. Thanks to this, the business can continue growing, improving its productivity and profitability, which is what we all desire.

The career plans try to increase the motivation of staff, offering them clear options for growth and promotion. In addition, we have training policies inside the company in order to prevent de-motivation and boredom among our workers.

What are professional career plans?

Professional career plans have become one of the most beneficial techniques of the Human Resources service. Their main aim is to retain talent in the company, improving training and remuneration plans for each job position. To achieve this, it is essential to have first created a description and evaluation of all the job positions.

The idea is to prevent de-motivation of workers who have reached their limit, perhaps due to the passage of time or to a somewhat monotonous job. Our commitment is to seek solutions to recover that motivation and the desire to continue growing together with the company. The professional career plan is fundamental for this.

Each employee, with the help of our professional team, will be able to redefine their objectives within the business. To achieve these goals, we must help them with essential tools and work with them throughout the process. This will enable us to create a quality environment in which partnership will be key and the employee will be willing to continue growing at our side.

Planes de carrera profesional

Career plans in Melt Group

In our Human Resources consultancy, we are committed to customized design of each of the strategic projects. To do this, the first step is to identify which are the essential positions in the company. In this way, we can design a complete route map in order to help the worker to grow professionally and personally. We will take care of setting new professional challenges using the specially designed career plans.

With the strong objective of retaining talent based on the excellence of our employees, we will seek those workers who are above the profile demanded by the company. We will stimulate them, offering them unique challenges that will enable them to develop new professional aptitudes.

Those employees who show themselves to be below the profile demanded in their job functions will also improve their working conditions. The professional career plans will enable them to benefit from specific training as well as taking part in new professional development programmes.

Finally, our specialized team will capture the results of the entire process. Comparison between different professional profiles is key because it enables us to define new routes for improving talent in the company.

The keys to the professional career plan

Planes de carrera profesional

The idea of creating a good professional career plan in a specific company is that of incentivizing those employees that have helped it grow. We are looking to create a motivation that goes beyond financial remuneration.

Details such as the improvement of work-life balance or the possibilities of growing professionally in the company are some of these incentives that workers seek to develop their career in the long term.

In addition to all this, we establish training plans that put the focus on the improvement of employee talent. In the end, what we get is that our workers increase their motivation and keep an active profile in the company. This translates into a productivity improvement and, in the end, an increase in benefits.

The best career plans for each company

Our objective is to design career plans that are customized for each company. For this, we prepare a full initial study and establish the bases on which the project will be launched. These are the steps we follow for creating professional career plans:

  • Identifying key job positions in the company.
  • Establishing the competencies needed in the job positions.
  • Planning of objectives prior to the development of career plans.
  • Prior study of the staff of the company.
  • Designing training plans through various models.
  • Developing professional career plans.

Contact Melt Group if you want your company to grow exponentially. Prevent the escape of talent through the design of professional career plans tailor-made and based on the needs of each company.

Planes de carrera profesional


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