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The terminology related to Human Resources is extensive. The job position evaluation is part of it. Melt Group uses this tool in the framework of developing strategic projects for our clients. What we achieve with this service is to assess the real weight of the employee in the company, analysing various factors previously agreed with the company. The best of all is that this is customized in order to improve business benefits.

It is essential that the evaluation of the job positions is fully objective because it determines that the result contributes to real improvements.

What is the position evaluation?

Basically, this is a system that enables us to carefully define the real value of each worker within a company. We do this in order to determine the value of the various job positions.

This analysis is very important because it is key to providing a tangible evaluation of each job position, all without losing sight of the objectivity of the process and the results. What we achieve is to determine the importance of any specific position within an organization and therefore find out how many resources must be allocated to this position.

The job position evaluation is directly related to the Strategic Remuneration Plan of the company, which we perform in Melt Group with the strong objective of retaining the business talent of our clients.

The correct evaluation of the job positions in the company is fundamental for designing a company organizational chart of quality, where all the job positions are established with their responsibilities and functions. A structured company is a priority for achieving success.

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Position evaluation - Melt Group

Objectives of the position evaluations:

  • Ensuring the equality of job positions in a company.
  • Creating a fair structure for Human Resources within the company.
  • Establishing the bases for an equitable remuneration system. Salaries must be based on the job positions.
  • The evaluation of positions enables us to create a clear basis for possible internal negotiations with the employees.
  • Improving the creation of career plans that match reality.
  • Detecting the positions that need to be redefined.
  • Improving the work environment within the company.

Position evaluation in Melt Group

At Melt Group, we evaluate job positions based on previous analysis and the job position descriptions. In our Strategic Human Resources Consultancy, we are committed to performing each project in a personalised way, always staying in close contact with the client.

Thanks to our customized job position evaluation, we can clarify the following:

  • Details about the company’s remuneration policy.
  • What compensation and benefits system should be used.
  • Existence of internal employee promotion plans.
  • Internal communication strategies (if any),

To obtain quality results, we use a tool based on a system of points that enables us to create a full ranking of all the job positions that are found in the company.

Some stages
in position

1. Creation of a committee to evaluate each position.

2. Design of the prior standards for performing the evaluation.

3. Creation of an evaluation method.

4. Maintenance of the evaluation system.

5. Monitoring the position evaluation over time.

Points method in the position evaluation

Melt Group uses a very complete points method to assess the positions of the company because it provides an exhaustive and quality analysis with many benefits. This is a very clear method that enables us to objectively score the job position. This method starts with a prior identification that establishes a weighting scheme of essential factors.

To establish this methodology, a specialized Human Resources team first analyses the factors or points to be taken into account to assess the positions. These factors can be divided into the following categories:

  • Professional aptitudes.
  • Effort of the employee in performing their functions.
  • Work responsibility.
  • Working conditions.

Other methods developed for position evaluations are that focussed on the ranking and that establishing a hierarchical classification. However, the method of factors or by points is the most complete for obtaining truthful and quality information. That is why our expert HR team uses this option.

Other evaluation systems for job positions

  • Typecasting.
  • Tie-Span Measurement.
  • Quantifying skills: complex, normal, simple.
  • Guideline.
  • Commercial alignment.

Contact Melt Group if you need to improve your company’s strategies for optimizng your human resources. Our team ensures a customized position evaluation focussed on improving your business performance. Contact us and enjoy the best advice in the field of Human Resources.

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