Position descriptions

Preparing proper descriptions of the job positions is essential for any company. The Human Resources department must have the necessary training to analyse, describe and assess each of the job positions within the company. This helps to prevent duplication of activities, loss of motivation by the employees and we optimize the time invested when performing internal strategic tasks such as the design of professional career plans.

What are position descriptions?

Melt Group prepares the position descriptions based on prior analysis of the various positions we identify in a company. What we achieve through the descriptions is to identify, describe and define a specific position. For this, we take into account the tasks that must be performed by the employees as well as the conditions under which they perform them and the responsibilities of each position.

Therefore, the aim is to describe the functions of each position, including the tasks that must be carried out by the employees.

It is also very important to identify which skills the employees must have to perform their jobs:

  • Prior training.
  • Complementary studies.
  • Professional skills.
  • Different abilities.
  • Previous experience in performing the work.

The step before the job descriptions is the analysis and identification of job positions. In many cases, the company organizational chart helps us a great deal to identify the functions of the various employees.

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Position description in Melt Group

Melt Group undertakes our strategic projects with each client in a personalised way. Therefore, the definition and preparation of job positions is a fundamental step that enables us to create Human Resources strategic plans in the future.

To collect all the information necessary, our specialist consultancy team will meet the company departments in order to establish their functions and identify the responsibilities of the employees of each position. We obtain detailed information that will enable us to develop a Human Resources strategy of quality.

We will also focus on the study of the tasks that are performed in similar profiles in competitor companies. This is key to improving the position descriptions internally.

Finally, we will clearly synthesise all the information obtained in the analysis in order to design a specific document with the position descriptions, taking into account the company organization chart that we will have assembled with the company management team.

This is how the company salary bands are set

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  • Position descriptions
  • Clear and concise definition of the job responsibility of each employee.
  • Complete view of the various job positions in the company.
  • Fast analysis of the workload of each job position.
  • Improvement of the process of staff selection.
  • Optimization of the recruitment processes.
  • Ease of replacing employees, if necessary.
  • Clear description of the professional aptitudes necessary to deliver the functions of the position.
  • Identification of the specific training needs.
  • Facility to evaluate the work of each employee.
  • Possibility of developing career plans of quality.

The description of job positions is fundamental in the framework of the Human Resources Strategic Consultancy. With the descriptions, we can assess the position, thoroughly analysing each detail. All this enables us to establish tailored career plans as well as a strategic remuneration plan that will improve the working conditions of the company and the motivation of the employees.

Melt Group offers quality and excellence in each of the strategic projects that our team performs to improve the productivity of your business. Contact us and discover how we can help you grow continuously, keeping your talent and ensuring that the tasks are performed to the benefit of your organization.


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