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Finding talent and intelligence is the basis of all companies. This is a difficult objective to achieve if a good recruitment and personnel selection process is not carried out. At Melt Group we help you achieve success by advocating for the best human capital.

Recruitment companies are faced with numerous changes in the way each business evolves and Works. That’s why we are constantly recycling ourselves, implementing new techniques and tools to bring talent to you. We work with people and offer you cutting-edge solutions, in which values and attitude are a priority. Personnel selection is a procedure that we implement for all companies that hire professionals. The aim is to find the perfect employee from a given number of candidates. During this process, we begin to establish contact with each candidate and then carry out the recruitment phase. Different companies follow very different recruitment processes, as they do not all have the same needs. The human resources manager is in charge of establishing the business objectives and the qualities that the applicant must have in order to actively participate in the process. At Melt Group we work hand in hand with the company in order to meet these objectives effectively.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

How to make a personnel selection?

In order to know how to make a personnel selection it is important that all the phases of the selection process are previously defined. Planning is important, but so is the use of innovative technologies that allow us to find that talent among a large number of candidates.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal
  • Through the company’s recruitment policies or through recruitment consultants, the criteria that will take precedence during this process are established. Good planning in this regard guarantees success.
    We need to focus on those qualities that the candidate must have, in order to quickly eliminate applicants who do not meet them.
  • The selection of personal interview questions should follow a personalised approach. Each company must set its own strategy with regard to personnel selection and recruitment. At Melt Group we adapt to the organisational culture of our clients and maintain their corporate values throughout the entire procedure.
  • The job we need to fill gains prominence in the process. The skills of the professionals to work in each position are not the same, so we need to tailor each strategy.

What is the selection process like?

We design a tailor-made recruitment test. We analyse the needs of our clients and set our entire search and selection machinery in motion. Technology, values, intelligence and solutions are the key to our work.

Melt Group's working method:



Our HR protocol begins with a meeting with the client. The objective is to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the company, while internalising its specific needs. In this preliminary phase, we advise the client on the description of the position that needs to be filled, in order to find the desired candidate profile. Talent must be defined very well from the beginning.



Our recruitment consultancy has the necessary tools to research and recruit profiles in competitor companies. We put all our resources into finding the perfect people for your company.


Publication of offers

We publish job offers on our own web platform, on national and international job portals, as well as on highly relevant social networks. After a personalised study of the project, we determine which actions are the most appropriate in each case. The search and selection of personnel is always tailor-made.


Talent search

We have a state-of-the-art database with more than 300,000 candidates from all over the world. Our recruitment team carries out an internal search, among the profiles that adapt to the offer.


Recruitment interview

The recruitment interview is essential to find the perfect profile. We evaluate the competencies of our candidates and select highly qualified profiles.



We never stop communicating with our client, providing advice on the recruitment of talent. In this phase we send you a short list of selected candidates.



We organise the different recruitment interviews between the pre-selected candidates and our client.



As a recruitment consultancy we have extensive experience in checking the references of candidates who have reached the final stages of the selection process.



We offer specialised advice to our clients, so that they can develop a successful contract negotiation with the selected candidate. At Melt Group we provide personalised solutions.



After the incorporation of the selected candidate to the job, our recruitment and selection consultants carry out a complete follow-up. In this way we assure companies that the values and attitudes of the chosen profile fit with their philosophy.

Differences between personnel selection and recruitment

Usually we tend to think that personnel selection and recruitment are similar terms, but the reality is that they have important differences, which we must take into account in order to carry out impeccable selection processes.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

1. Recruitment of personnel

We talk about recruitment when in the company we identify the talent of candidates who could form part of the workforce, occupying positions that have become vacant. What we do is to invite these candidates to work in our organisation. We can do this both externally and internally. It is basically an active search for talent. At Melt Group, we know a lot about this.

In our Human Resources Consultancy, we are committed to recruiting personnel as the basis for achieving this matching between company and candidate.

2. Personnel selection

After recruitment, it is time to select the most suitable personnel for our clients. We could say that we first carry out an active search for talent and then select the perfect professional for the position.

Our selection protocols are comprehensive and always focus on our values as HR experts. In order to offer you a professional team committed to your business, we work tirelessly.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

How long does the recruitment process take?

The length of the recruitment process is one of the most worrying aspects for companies. In many cases, long protocols are carried out, which can be tedious. Our aim is to speed up the recruitment and subsequent selection phase. To this end, we are aware of the causes that slow down this type of procedure.

To know how long the recruitment process takes, the most appropriate answer would be: the time needed to find the perfect profile for the position. However, our clients are looking for agility and speed. In order to avoid lengthening selection processes over time and based on our extensive experience in human resources, we have determined the main causes that slow down these procedures:

  • Candidatures: the number of applicants is often high. In order to carry out a safe and efficient screening process, it is important to have state-of-the-art technical and technological means that allow us to quickly detect professionals who meet the criteria.

  • Duplicity: sometimes we receive duplicate applications, which enter the system through different job search platforms. Our team has the expertise to limit duplication of candidates.

  • Ghosting: ghost candidates are still part of the recruitment process. It is common for some profiles to disappear from the process without warning. It is important to take all this into account in order to know how long the recruitment process lasts.

  • Company restructuring: although it is not very frequent, we have to consider possible hierarchical changes within the company.

  • The perfect candidate: one of the most common causes of endless selection processes is the difficulty in finding the perfect profile for the position. At Melt Group we know how to get the talent you are looking for and we actively move to select profiles that meet all the requirements of the position. Our ERP management system and our large database of candidates allow us to achieve success in each selection process.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

What is the first step to an effective
recruitment process?

The first step in an effective recruitment process is the organisation and development of a quality strategic staffing plan. At our Human Resources Consultancy we advocate constant communication with each client, with a firm commitment to detailing all aspects that may interfere in the search for talent.

The objective is to achieve results in record time, maintaining quality throughout the entire procedure. To this end, we determine the client’s needs, attending to their requirements; we define together with the company the profile we are looking for; we carry out the recruitment phase through our experience in the sector; we receive, study and analyse the personnel applications; we pre-select those candidates who fit the profile; we advise our clients and select the talent with them; we detail the entire approach through detailed reports; finally, we collaborate with the company in making the final decisions.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

What are the types of recruitment?

With regard to the types of recruitment, it is usual to differentiate between internal and external recruitment:

  • Internal recruitment: to fill the vacancy, we opt for an employee from within the company. The re-hiring of professionals who have been part of the business is an option in this sense.

  • External recruitment: the selection of personnel is carried out with professional profiles that have nothing to do, a priori, with the company. The search for talent and headhunting protocols would be included in this type of personnel selection.

New personnel selection techniques

In order to find the talent to optimise the objectives of any company, it is important to know the new trends and techniques of personnel selection. At Melt Group we advocate constant training and recycling of our HR consultants, in order to offer you the best recruitment and selection services:

  • Job interview: the interview is still fundamental in selection processes. The trend of using new technologies to develop it is becoming more and more popular lately. Conducting the interview with the candidate through video-call platforms has many advantages, such as shortening the selection period.

  • CVs: analysing CVs is something we are very used to. With the aim of simplifying processes and optimising the CV sifting process, we can remove all irrelevant information from this document.

  • Social Networks: Social Recruiting is all the rage. It is about using social profiles to locate talent.

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is making a strong entry into recruitment processes. The use of Chatbots for these purposes can make a difference and streamline protocols.

  • Big Data: data analysis is another of the recruitment techniques that are currently gaining ground. At Melt Group we are specialists in this, thanks to the study of our own databases

Recruitment tests

Selecting the right personnel selection tests is the key to success in the selection process. The truth is that we can carry out an infinite number of actions, such as personality tests, knowledge tests, psycho-technical tests, gamifications, etc. However, the recruitment test and the interview are the most important.

It is essential to set the objectives of the recruitment tests beforehand. Generally speaking, we measure knowledge, attitude, professionalism, intelligence, experience, motivation, etc.

1.Personnel selection test

The personnel selection test allows us to get to know the candidate from a psychological point of view. Depending on the answers they give us, we can determine whether their profile will fit in with the staff.

2. Personnel selection interview

On the other hand, the personnel selection interview goes one step further. This is the first direct contact we have with the profiles that have already passed a previous screening. This is the first direct contact we have with the candidate or applicant. It is essential to plan the questions well and personalise the test.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

Purpose of recruitment

All these methods of personnel selection in a company are aimed at finding the perfect candidate to be in charge of a specific job position. In our Human Resources Consultancy we use innovative technology and constant study, with the firm commitment to offer you the personnel you need to add value to your company.

Recruitment Consultants

Talent is found in those places that are committed to excellence. We are aware that the best companies are those that focus on intelligence and the search for expert employees. For Melt Group, recruitment is the key to our work. Every day we adopt innovative recruitment techniques, based on high quality standards, in order to provide you with the staff your business deserves.

We are a recruitment consultancy with extensive national and international experience. We work with leading companies in all types of sectors. We design recruitment and selection tests based on specific knowledge of each client’s needs. Our HR consultants are experts in the field, always providing constant communication with each client.

We know each candidate, which allows us to make a perfect match between the personnel and the company. In this way, we can achieve a working relationship based on excellence and solutions.

Our own database

In every recruitment process we work with our own state-of-the-art database, where we welcome candidates of multiple nationalities. This allows us to adapt to the recruitment needs of each client.

Reclutamiento y selección de personal

Guarantee period

At Melt Group we offer a guarantee period for selected candidates. We carry out a highly qualified, specialised and personalised recruitment process.

The recruitment process if done in-house by anyone without ad hoc experience to fill a vacancy or a newly opened position can be complicated and stressful for those in charge.

A great deal of effort must go into attracting, screening, interviewing and securing an ideal candidate for the position. Even after all these stages, sometimes many companies end up choosing people who do not fit the bill and the recruitment process has to start all over again. This wastes time and personnel resources and is a cost to the company.

As a Human Resources consultancy we always recommend that an expert is in charge of each business process. Recruitment is of paramount importance for a company. It cannot be left in the hands of an inexperienced person.


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