1. Outplacement is a specific service in the world of Human Resources, which is committed to the relocation of personnel to suitable jobs. It is, therefore, a service that advocates relocating those employees who have been made redundant to other companies where they can continue to develop their professional activity. At Melt Group we are specialists in outplacement.

    It is possible that, as a result of cutbacks or staff reductions, part of the staff of a business organisation may have to be made redundant. Offering these workers the Outplacement service is a fantastic alternative, which guarantees an increase in confidence in the company and greater satisfaction on the part of the employee.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is an external outplacement service that companies can contract to provide job opportunities for their employees who are about to be made redundant. It is a fantastic way of actively nurturing talent within the company, helping employees to continue their careers in positions that are commensurate with them.

The aim of the Outplacement service is to offer help to the employee who is going to be made redundant by the hiring company. Most often this happens after a restructuring campaign within the organisation. External consultants, who are experts in Human Resources, conduct effective sessions with the person to be relocated. In these sessions they discuss the relocation options, skills and priorities of the employee.

The consultants help the employee to create a professional and attractive CV, prepare him/her for a job interview and help him/her to understand the industry and the companies that are hiring. The ultimate goal is to find a job that will allow them to grow in their career, giving them a plan for the future on a large scale. The employee profile that usually benefits from this type of service is that of workers in managerial positions, managers and senior executives.

Advantages of Outplacement

  • Less serious consequences for the company, in the face of possible staff cuts or mergers.

  • Improves the image of the organisation considerably.

  • Commitment of the company to its employees, which translates into improvements in productivity.

  • The affected employee will find work more effectively and quickly, as he/she will have an expert HR team to help him/her.

  • The new situation ceases to be negative and becomes a challenge to overcome.


This is how we develop the Outplacement service at
Melt Group

1. Initial assessment

The outplacement service requires a complete previous study. Our Outplacement experts will hold meetings with the employees who need to find a job. In these meetings we actively analyse the employee’s qualities, helping them to optimise them, making the most of their CV. It is essential to actively get to know the employee’s personal situation, in order to help them find a job that suits them.

In this initial assessment, we work with the employee in a personalised way, helping them to prepare a quality professional CV, preparing them for a future job interview and giving them the necessary tools to succeed in their sector.

2. Study of alternatives

We study all the available options together, with the aim of making the most of the employee’s profile. We will focus on their qualities and aptitudes. The objective is to properly analyse the opportunities that our employee has and how to enhance them in a new job.

3. Planning and step by step

We plan the whole strategy to be followed in a detailed and tailor-made way. We review the CV with the employee, in order to improve it and make the most of it. We analyse our contacts, in order to find companies where the employee fits perfectly.

Phases of the Outplacement service at Melt Group


Initial meeting with the client, where we obtain quality information about the professionals. In this phase we find out what tasks the workers to be relocated perform.


Contact with the professionals to schedule an interview.


Face-to-face or telephone interview with the professional, which allows us to analyse the skills of each employee.


Psycho-technical test and SWOT analysis, which will allow us to establish a personalised guide to work on.


Drafting of reports detailing the employee’s professional career and the results obtained after our initial analysis.


Market study, which will help us to focus the job search on positions similar to the professional career and profile in particular. If necessary, we will give a different focus to your career.


We use marketing tools to publicise the professionals who benefit from our Outplacement service.


Meetings with loyal clients who have staffing needs.


Organisation of job interviews between candidates and clients, as well as subsequent follow-up.


We carry out a complete follow-up of the candidates, to check that they have adapted perfectly to the new project.

Keys to Outplacement

The executive who has lost his job in a managerial position in the company does not leave empty-handed, because through outplacement we provide him with relevant data and information about the labour market situation. In addition, you also receive tips and advice on how to improve your profile and optimise your training.

It is the company that restructures its workforce that is responsible for contracting the Outplacement service from an external Human Resources consultancy, such as Melt Group.

And it is we who take care of the worker, assisting them in their active search for employment. Having an outplacement plan in place reduces by almost 60% the average time it takes an employee in search of employment to find a job.

In Spain, under current legislation, all companies with more than 50 employees, which carry out an Employment Regulation Plan (ERE), are obliged to hire external Outplacement services to guarantee the employment assistance of their dismissed employees.

If you need a quality and specialised Outplacement service, contact Melt Group. Our Human Resources Consultancy offers you all the security guarantees that your company needs. Our work is based on the experience we have gained through continuous training and years of experience in the Human Resources sector.



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