Motivation letter

The motivational letter is one of the documents that can tip the balance of the personnel recruitment and selection process in your favour. Your main objective is to motivate the recipient of the letter and your Curriculum Vitae to hire you.

At Melt Group we’re Human Resources specialists and we look after our candidates as well as we look after our clients. We’re going to give you some important advice to improve your chances of finding a job.

What is a motivational letter?

The motivational letter is crucial to achieving your goals in today’s selection processes. Despite being similar to the cover letter, it’s not the same thing, as they both have different aims. Our advice is that you always include one with your job application, even if it hasn’t been requested, along with letters of recommendation and your CV.

In Spain the use of the motivational letter is still quite rare, but you should take what’s done in other countries as an example to ensure you have a successful job application process. These types of documents should be written in a commercial tone, and this involves using your ingenuity.

This means it goes a bit beyond the cover letter, in which the tone is more formal and impersonal. What you want is for them to “buy” your product, which in this case is you.

Carta de motivación

When should you write a motivational letter?

Obviously, this document isn’t needed for all job openings and positions. Be guided by the company itself. If you’re going to apply for a position in an avant-garde, modern, innovative company, the motivational letter will be your great ally.

Analyse the way the company communicates so you can use the same language. This can be done through examining their website, corporate blog or social media. If in this study you find that they’re using a friendly tone when addressing their own users, you can be sure that a dynamic, up-to-date motivational letter will be a better option than the classic presentation letter you’re already familiar with.

One of the key factors to remember when writing the perfect motivational letter is that you’re really going to need your creative powers. In fact, this is what sets it apart from the cover letter. The intention is to persuade the recipient to sit up and take notice of your work profile. It goes without saying that this should be done subtly and without unnecessary excesses.

As an example, you can search the Internet for different motivational letter templates, which will help you understand the purpose of the document that will accompany your CV in your job search.

Characteristics of the motivational letter

  • It must be concise and direct.
  • The writing must be perfect, without any spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid long sentences, don’t bore your reader.
  • Write it using synonyms to avoid repetitions.
  • Don’t repeat what’s already in your CV. Go for creativity and inventiveness.
  • Use persuasive language.
  • The letter design must be very professional.
  • It’s important you include your details and that it’s properly dated and signed.

to be avoided

  • Repeating information that already appears in your CV.
  • A letter that’s too long. Remember that more than one page is too much.
  • Writing negatively. Persuasive language always requires positive connotations.
  • Having one motivational letter for all applications. It’s advisable to write this document based on the job position you’re submitting your application for.

How to write a motivational letter

If you have applied for a job, the motivational letter can help you stand out from the other candidates. It’s essential that you know how to write a motivational letter so you avoid mistakes that don’t do you any favours.

1. Presentation

Start with a friendly greeting and introduce yourself. This presentation should be short, but quite descriptive. What you need is a short paragraph so the recipient of the letter can identify you on a professional level.

2. Introduction

You must be clear about your objectives. In the introduction you should describe the reasons that have led you to be part of the personnel recruitment and selection for a specific position within the company. Be professional about this. Make yourself available to the head of HR, mentioning the job advert. Explain your concerns and highlight your strengths. The most important thing in the motivational letter is that you can capture the reader’s attention from the very start.

3. Content

The body of the letter is the place where you should explain important or unusual facts about your background and work experience. It affects those aspects that make you stand out from other profiles. Talk about your qualities and don’t forget how important productivity is for companies.

As we have already said, you need to avoid repeating yourself. This means that you don’t repeat information that’s already in your CV. Using professional, creative language, explain the reasons why you’re the perfect person for that job. Your qualities should be emphasised, don’t forget to mention them.

4. Signing off

To end the motivational letter you need a paragraph to sign off, always keeping to a formal tone. Your priority here is to sound professional. Include a call to action so the recruiter is persuaded to arrange a job interview with you. Remind him or her that you can expand on all the information if they consider it necessary. End the document with a professional greeting.

Style and spelling in the motivation letter

Carta de motivación

Writing style is one of the priorities in this type of document. The key is to always reinforce positive issues and avoid negativity. Do it honestly and truthfully.

The motivational letter should focus on being simple and concise. The language can be professional without the need to include fancy or artificial terms. You need to send out a message that can be grasped easily. Don’t write in passive and make the document your own. Remember to pay close attention to spelling, as this aspect could quickly tip the balance.

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