Melt Group is restructuring!

At Melt Group we have made a firm commitment to evolution through our major digital renovation. We have a new website and a new database system, which enables us to offer you the best services.

Melt Group is delighted to announce that in these months of the pandemic we have completely restructured ourselves at the business level. We have turned adversity into an opportunity and we have come out stronger, turning our weaknesses into strengths. Therefore, we announce that… We are launching a new website, much more modern and intuitive! We also have a new database system, which ensures day to day improvement.

A more usable and up to date website

The new Melt Group website now offers you better personalization in the selection processes. With a new design and high-quality content, we provide a much clearer and simpler narrative. Thanks to these advances, browsing the website is highly intuitive and responsive, as it adapts perfectly to any electronic device, thus improving the user experience.

We wanted to maintain the corporate image of Melt Group, giving the website a sophisticated touch, without losing simplicity. With our new image, we intend to position our brand as a reference consultancy in Human Resources, both nationally and internationally.

Our new database system provides speed and reliability in all selection processes. A modern, simple and direct design, with which our Melters will notice an improvement in usability when managing their data and information.

Digital transformation at Melt Group

The transformation of our website and the innovative database system is Melt Group’s firm commitment to take a step forward to the digital future. We are fully in tune with the evolution of a much more globalised and specialized market, from which we do not want to disengage.

You will be able to participate in our transformation through the services we offer to our clients and candidates. The evolution is clear if you analyse our systems, but we remain true to our brand identity: people always come first.

Don’t miss the new features that we have prepared at Melt Group! Our commitment to you is to ensure a high-quality and unique user experience so you can identify us as your Human Resources consultancy of first choice. We move forward together, without losing identity!

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