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At Melt Group we focus on PEOPLE. We’re very clear that people are a company’s main assets.

The team is the mind and soul of all companies. We’re aware that building the perfect team is not an easy task. We’re here to help you do it!

Our work isn’t limited to just searching for candidates. We concentrate on actively searching for talent and connecting it to employment. We champion our clients’ success through people and we provide intelligent solutions to any challenge.

Our Human Resources Consultancy offers you customised services, including personnel selection, strategic consultancy projects and specialisation in Executive Search. Any company or organisation can achieve its goals with us.

Our commitment is total, to both companies and candidates, so they all achieve the perfect professional connection. Are you looking for success? At Melt Group we give you talent.

Where we come from...

Our journey as a Human Resources Consultancy began in 2009, under the name of Melt Consulting. The consultancy was set up for the purpose of providing specialist personnel for a major American company. Our client required a large and flexible workforce, with technical and professional knowledge, in the area of Equatorial Guinea.

Melt Consulting then began to provide HR Consulting services for a number of large-scale national and international projects. Our clients have always been leading companies in their different sectors.

With our extensive experience of selection processes on the African continent and in view of the great demand for projects that we were beginning to receive, we decided to look for local partners so we could meet each client’s needs from the outset.

Our clients required a high percentage of local personnel, which meant we had to work alongside a Human Resources Consultancy based in the area that could select and manage each of the job profiles. That was how Melt Consulting became a benchmark in all-round project management.

A few years later, in 2011, we signed an interesting collaboration agreement with an African recruitment consultancy: HSD Human Resources Solutions Ltd. Signing this agreement allowed Melt to grow exponentially and become a reference point in the Human Resources sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thanks to our team’s hard work and perseverance, we opened offices in 13 countries. We managed more than 2000 workers, running projects in a number of different territories. And that’s when Melt Group was born.

Melt Group

The team


Rogelio Llorens


Andrea Grinta


Christophe Dubois

Senior Manager

Amparo Pérez

IT Recruitment Senior Manager

Lola Carbonell

Senior Manager Madrid

Teresa Chiralt

Marketing Manager

Angela Martínez-Mora

Senior Manager

María Primo

Senior Consultant

Begoña Sorribes

Manager Strategic Consultant

Maria Montesinos

Senior Consultant

Vicente Vilar

People and Culture Business Partner

África Vilar

Senior International Consultant

Borja Fos

Senior IT Consultant

Davinia Cervera

Senior Consultant

Alejandra De Lacour

Recruitment Consultant

Felipe Mesones

IT Recruitment Consultant

Borja Navarro


Clara Prieto


Amparo Santotomás


Clara Fort


Eduardo Blanes


Enrique Cercós


Encarnación Pardo


Dunia Echaara

Recruitment Consultant

Paula Mayoral


Salvador Mas


Javier Roselló


Jose Antonio Fajardo


Clara Lerma

Senior Consultant

Marisa Puchalt


Javier Toledo


Iryna Boreyko

International Consultant

Raquel Bru


María Maza


Julia De La Fuente


Álvaro Arvilla

Recruitment Consultant

Irene Currás

Recruitment Consultant

Paloma Gutiérrez

Recruitment Consultant

Alicia Escolá


Joaquín Béjar

Strategic Consultant

Javier Reig

International Consultant

Loreto Gredilla


Marina Monrabal


Ainhoa Torres

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Melt Group is a great company, full of exceptional people who allow the development of talent and the best qualities of its members. Our innovative and decisive capacity could not be without a highly qualified human team. Fill in the following form to submit your application.


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    Our global character

    Melt Group is a strong group, with presence throughout the world, through the connection between our headquarters, located in Valencia (Spain), our territorial office in Madrid and our international partners with presence in Belgium and Shanghai.

    On the African continent, we continue to collaborate with various local partners, covering staff needs with our services in several countries, such as Ghana, Mozambique, Angola and the entire area of Sub-Saharan Africa. Our experience in Africa has provided us with local expertise that, together with our global knowledge and experience, makes us one of the top human resource providers.

    Through our network of offices and international alliances we can find the right qualified person to develop projects anywhere in the world. At Melt Group we’re fully trained to provide experienced personnel in any sector and during all phases of the project.

    Melt Group

    At the centre of it all... PEOPLE

    We are a company specialising in talent selection. This means we must have a highly prepared team that can offer each client the very best of our services. At Melt Group we’re committed to an intergenerational human team, with top-level knowledge in all market sectors. This allows us to fully understand what our clients need and meet their demands successfully. In addition, our team has extensive experience in personnel selection and management.

    We’re endorsed by more than 10 years in the sector. Every single one of our consultants is committed to professional service, in which the values of QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY and APPROACHBILITY are decisive factors.

    In our Human Resources Consultancy, the continuous training of our team is an essential asset. Our training processes mean that we’re able to identify the best and most suitable solutions for our clients and candidates. This, added to our strong commitment to a shared future helps us improve our business on a continuous basis.

    Top-notch technology

    One of Melt Group’s key traits is the firm’s ongoing commitment to the most advanced technology. We have the best technology partners, who provide us with the tools we need to develop our international recruitment and selection processes with the strongest guarantees and optimised resources.

    We work with a state-of-the-art ERP system, which allows us to manage our modern, flexible and cutting-edge database. One of our top priorities is constantly updating the database. This ERP management system means we can handle a large number of selection processes speedily and efficiently.

    At Melt Group we’re in the middle of a phase of growth, which has led us to make a major investment in improving our internal and external communication systems. We have opted to design and create a new, more efficient and visible website. We have also implemented a new system that allows us to safeguard and keep the flow of all company information up to date.

    Knowledge management

    Melt Group’s work depends on the rapid and efficient flow of information from one point on the planet to another. Knowledge management is one of today’s business challenges.  We’re talking about a vital need to achieve success.

    We’re defined by the constant search for excellence. We create effective work routines, which help us to squeeze the most out of our time and increase the profitability of processes. The business management software implemented in Melt Group guarantees optimisation and effectiveness in each selection process, no matter the size of the project.

    Our ERP is key to managing each project “in the cloud”, allowing us to manage quality at any time and from anywhere. State-of-the-art technology is a key factor in managing everything from job creation through to the search for talent. Plus, we can access and track our large database, which holds candidates from all over the world, segmented by sector.


    Two of the most important factors in successful selection processes are the search for candidates and the time optimisation. Our goal is to speed up the selection of candidates as much as possible, in order to improve efficiency as much as possible, both for us and for our clients. The time that a selection process takes is set by the client, based on their needs and requirements. We combine our flexibility with the latest generation work tools so we can adapt to all kinds of demands, regardless of the urgency they require.

    Reunión equipo Melt - Jobs offers updated every day. Upload your CV and find the best job offers in our employment portal.


    At Melt Group we have a customised internet platform with the latest technological advances, which is crucial in making the personnel selection process and interviews as accessible and effective as possible.

    We’re committed to actively searching for candidates, ranging from those who have extensive professional experience to those who are preparing to make the leap into the world of work.

    We maintain active collaborations with the top job search platforms, including professional networks and business schools.

    We also visit universities, enabling top students to get to know our company and allowing us to give them the chance to obtain the job they want.

    We have agreements with a number of job portals so we can publish job offers.  This means we attract a large number of candidates who may fit the profile requested by the client.

    In addition, our ERP system allows us to post each job offer in more than 80 different recruitment sources. With Melt Group, finding the right profiles is much more likely and also much easier.

    For our HR Consultancy, personnel recruitment and selection doesn’t end with hiring the desired profile. Candidates who don’t continue in the selection process or haven’t been finally selected are incorporated back into our database, so they can benefit from future professional openings they may be suitable for.

    All this work done by Melt Group is what actively differentiates us from the competition. All our consultants have individual access to our database of more than 300,000 professional profiles, giving them a significant competitive advantage. Clients are always kept informed of the selection process, with the emphasis on transparency and quick feedback, in order to optimise decision-making.

    Melt Group

    Team Building

    At Melt Group we work to build the best professional team. Interpersonal experiences are essential throughout this process. We regularly leave our everyday environment and carry out dynamic sessions, workshops and team activities, allowing us to get to know each other better.

    Strong companies are built through strong personal ties. Our commitment to our employees and their satisfaction with the company are fundamental for us, because this is a key factor in improving productivity and reducing leakage.

    Strong commitment

    We’re always looking for ways to improve and innovate. We’re here to respond to the needs of our clients and candidates. In everything we do we take care of even the smallest detail. We’re driven by long-term relationships with our environment, with candidates and with employees, suppliers and clients.

    We firmly believe in trust and continued effort as a vector of growth. We’re committed to long-lasting, solid relationships, based on honesty and collaboration.

    Melt Group
    Melt Group

    Continued growth

    We continue to grow and open up new lines of business. At Melt Group we offer an all-round service to each client, in everything related to employability and human capital. Our communication skills have enabled us to implement new services and provide solutions with real added value. These solutions have helped our clients to grow and improve efficiently.

    From a strategic point of view, investing in the best human capital is one of the wisest decisions a company can make. To achieve this, it is imperative to have a committed team of people, as the search for talent is fundamental.

    At Melt Group we’re 100% committed to you.


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