Letter of Recommendation

The job recommendation letter is almost as important as a good CV. This document provides transparency to the personnel selection process and shows what your strengths are for doing a particular job. It’s your job reference and could go a long way towards helping you to get that job you were looking for.

Melt Group is a specialised Human Resources Consultancy. We work with numerous clients and we’re in direct contact with candidates from all over the world. If you want to make yourself stand out in the selection and recruitment process, get professional references.

How and who should you ask for a job recommendation letter?

The eternal question asked by job candidates is how to get good references. At Melt Group we’re going to help you request a job recommendation letter successfully. We’re going to give you the key to getting your previous employers involved in your professional future, by giving you the perfect reference.

Who should you ask for a job reference?

It’s well known that, if you make progress in a personnel selection process and you reach the final stage, HR managers will ask for references based on your work experience. So, if you go into the process with a letter of recommendation, you’ll be gaining the upper hand with respect to the competition.

The job recommendation letter doesn’t have to be written by the Chairman or Chief Executive of the company you worked for, but it must be a position higher than yours, someone you’ve worked with closely.

A written job reference should describe your good points and for this it’s essential that whoever is writing it knows in detail how you work. To ensure your recommendation letter is a success, it’s important that you explain to the person you’re asking why you chose them. Always avoid false modesty and get straight to the point. Don’t be afraid to explain that you’re applying for a specific position, so the reference is worded accordingly.

Your goal with a job reference is to open doors, not close them. So, act confidently and always explain what you would like them to highlight from your work. Your professional future is at stake here.

Carta de recomendación

How should a job recommendation letter be written?

Have you been asked for a written job reference and you want to make the candidate stand out from the rest? Well-written references allow Human Resources experts to avoid wasting time on endless recruiting processes.

The letter of recommendation must be assertive and objective. There’s no point in using this document to highlight virtues or skills that don’t live up to reality. Your credibility is also important, so you must honour justice and avoid biases or cronyism.

Nowadays it’s very easy to find job recommendation letter templates, but our professional advice is that you write quality references that are personalised and that reflect reality.

The perfect job recommendation letter

A perfect recommendation letter should be very well structured and include some essential features:

  • Title: can be simply “Letter of recommendation”. The font size should be larger than in the rest of the document.
  • Presentation: you must introduce yourself and greet the recipient of the letter. There are lots of options, such as writing a generic letter or doing it in a personalised way. Give your name, that of the company you work for and your job title.
  • Body: the body of the document is where you introduce the job applicant, emphasising their good points and their productivity. Explain how long they’ve been working in your organisation and what their job titles and responsibilities were. The letter of recommendation should be written concisely and clearly, avoiding contrived or pompous language.
  • Signing off: when you sign off it’s crucial that you offer the company your collaboration if they need more information about the candidate. Remember to give your contact details, such as an email address.
Carta de recomendación

References are written with the aim of providing the recruiting team with knowledge about a candidate for a particular position. The reference needs to give a thorough account of the jobs and posts the candidate held in the company, as well as their skills and the responsibilities they undertook.

The language must be professional, with a cordial tone and conciseness of expression. Like the CV, a good letter of recommendation should always be short. The HR team wants to find out quickly what the candidate’s strengths are.

At Melt Group we always take care of our clients and candidates. Our goal is to achieve a perfect match between both parties, always opting for talent and excellence. If you want to have great job opportunities, be part of our international database of candidates. If there’s a job out there that’s just right for you, we’ll find it.


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