The constant evolution of the working environment opens the door to new ways of understanding work, as well as new profiles and professionals specialised in these changes. Today we will talk about the new workers known as knowmads and how they are influencing the evolution of companies and their workforces. Professionals must adapt to the changes and make the most of them.

Do you want to know if you are a knowmad too? Who are knowmads and what do they do? We tell you all about this term, read on!

What are knowmads?

Knowmads or knowledge nomads are profiles of workers who have an open mentality, which allows them to adapt more easily to the circumstances and changes in their work environment and, therefore, are constantly evolving. They are workers who are interested in improving and keeping up to date.

The Anglo-Saxon term was coined by John Morevec and arises from the union between the words “know” and “nomad”. Knowmads are highly sought-after profiles in today’s companies, as they know how to adapt to new situations in an appropriate manner and are always looking for innovation.

These workers are highly valued due to their personal knowledge, thus creating a competitive advantage over their peers.

What kind of profile do knowmads have? Characteristics

  • Any worker: Since they are not limited to a certain age. However, Morevec admitted that those with the best fit are workers between 27 and 35 years old.
  • Attitude and motivation. Innovating and collaborating is very important.
  • Adaptation to new technologies.
  • Teamwork
  • No geographical limits.
  • Flexibility
  • Fast and dynamic learning.
  • No fear of making mistakes.
  • Ability to solve problems.

In addition, we can also highlight:

  • They work in jobs they enjoy, i.e. they do it to satisfy their need for constant learning.
  • They do not belong solely to a company, but carry out their work autonomously.
  • Continuous learning: This is the main characteristic, as they are versatile and ideal candidates for any position.

The workers of the future: Knowmads

Any company wants to have a committed worker in its workforce who is eager to learn and improve. These profiles are open to accepting new work challenges. Knowledge becomes a great asset when it comes to selecting a candidate.

To best integrate these figures in the company, companies must build a flexible structure and improve communication skills. In other words, just like knowmads, companies must adapt to changes and work circumstances in order to offer them a suitable space where they can exploit their skills and knowledge. Knowmads are willing to adapt to their environment and adapt to it, we can say that they are also characterised by liquid employment.

Do you fit these characteristics and are you a knowmad? If so, you should exploit your talent to the full. Go for jobs that develop all your skills and explore new challenges. We are facing a job scenario full of new challenges and constant change. Adapting and evolving is the key to obtaining the best results.

Introducing knowmads profiles in our company can be a challenge, as they are highly demanded talents. Therefore, it is important to have the help of a team that guides us and facilitates contact with these job profiles.


At Melt Group we are very clear that people are the most important asset of a company. Our job is to form the perfect team for a business organisation. We carry out an active search for the candidate and connect them effectively with the job.

Request the services of the Human Resources Consultancy in Valencia or Madrid. At Melt Group we offer you talent.

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