Interim Management

Senior managers are essential for companies. Sometimes companies face exceptional situations, in which opting for outsourcing at the business management level can allow them to achieve specific objectives within a specified period of time.

At Melt Group we’re aware of the importance of Interim Management for your company. The talent of these professionals is needed for meeting objectives and improving business expectations in a range of scenarios.

Here at our Human Resources Consultancy we connect Interim Managers with our clients. We carry out a previous search for specialist talent so we can cover all the project requirements.

What is Interim Management?

The definition of Interim Management is straightforward. It’s basically a service that hires executives with extensive experience in business management. These managers will be part of your organisation for a limited time for the purpose of meeting predetermined objectives. It is, therefore, an executive level outsourcing service for the company.

The Interim Manager’s brief is very specific. The manager will do his or her job to improve the business situation, but will not be a permanent member of staff. Although, depending on the project, he or she will be able to make decisions and implement new processes or procedures in the organisation.

When should an Interim Manager be hired?

As a general rule, all companies have their own executive and management teams. However, situations frequently arise in which management teams need to be reinforced with highly qualified professionals with experience in the field.

Opting for an Interim Management service is a key move in many cases. For a limited time, and with clear objectives, this professional will put all his or her talent at the service of the business, in order to exponentially improve business profits.

Interim management

Situations in which Interim Management can be crucial:

1. Replacement of an executive within the company

  • Resignation of a managerial position.
  • Sick leave.
  • While waiting for a new manager to take up their post.
  • To fill a vacancy provisionally, until the personnel selection process is completed.
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2. Change and restructuring in the organisation of the company

  • In crisis situations the Interim Manager will provide an overall and objective view. Their management will be aimed at solving problems, providing executive leadership and coming up with viable solutions.
  • Companies that are in a situation of insolvency need this figure to obtain profits again.
  • The insolvency expert possesses knowledge and techniques to achieve great results.
  • Interim Management is fundamental after a business purchase or merger process.
  • Experienced professional expertise to restructure the different departments of the company, so as to improve business performance and optimise resources.
  • Management training for family businesses.
  • An Interim Manager has the ability and experience to facilitate succession in senior business executives, something very common in family-owned companies.
  • Essential figure in cases of the acquisition of new companies.
  • A good cost reduction plan must be endorsed by a professional.
  • To implement new production lines.
  • If the company is sold, this manager is key to properly handling the entire procedure.

3. Managing new markets

  • The Interim Management service provides quality in business processes for breaking into new markets.
  • A good Interim Manager knows how to take full advantage of companies’ strategic plans.
  • Quality service for the development and management of different business models and other market niches.

4. Very specific projects

  • The Interim Manager is responsible for the entire project for which he or she has been hired.
  • Application of technological innovations in the company.
  • Expansion plans or new product launches.
  • Setting up and organising new business delegations.

5. Interim Management for start-ups

  • Helps entrepreneurs in the development and professionalisation of new start-ups.
  • Administration of the start-up for a predetermined period of time.
  • Purchasing and logistics development.
  • Team building.

Advantages of Interim Management for your company

Interim Management services can be very beneficial for the company. These highly experienced professionals and their specific knowledge of business management and administration can bring many advantages for your business development:

Interim management - English - Melt Group
  • Maximum dedication in the performance of their work.
  • Temporary collaboration with the company.
  • Costs can be kept down, as they are not part of the usual staff.
  • They optimise the value and quality of the company’s human team.
  • Meeting targets set for the established period.
  • Efficient, experienced professionals working quickly to manage company resources.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the position.
  • The Interim Manager is objective, as he or she has no personal ties with the organisation, the relationship is a one-off.

Characteristics of the Interim Manager

One of the key features of Interim Managers is that they are specialist professionals with extensive experience in business management and the development of executive teams. This means they’re trained to take on a range of challenges and get the most out of the company.

This type of professional is in high demand in top-level companies needing help to grow and meet their targets. As a general rule, they are professionals with specific training in finance and business management, and hold postgraduate degrees or MBAs.

In many cases, the Interim Manager is specialised in digital transformation, taking on all kinds of company management responsibilities to adapt the business to the new reality. In terms of skills, he or she must be a team player with managerial and leadership skills, as well as empathy and the ability to adapt to different situations within the company in which he or she is placed.

Before opting for Interim Management

If you think that an Interim Management service is what your company needs, you should be clear on a few important issues.

Before hiring an outsourced manager you need to plan the project effectively:

  • For how long will you need the new executive?
  • Define the situation and the project well. This will allow you to optimise your talent search and candidate recruitment process.
  • Establish the key factors of the position you need to fill, as well as the consequences of not doing so.
  • Decide what requirements and targets the professional will have to meet.
  • The Interim Manager specialises in solving business challenges, using top quality resources and his or her own experience.
Interim management

How can we help you at Melt Group?

At Melt Group we’re experts in executive recruitment and Interim Management. If you need to hire a management executive from outside the company and run a specific project, our HR consultants can help you.

The technology we have implemented in our Human Resources Consultancy means we can offer you the possibility of contacting Interim Managers with extensive experience, anywhere in the world and with in-depth knowledge of the specific sector we’re looking for.

Our database holds more than 300,000 potential candidates. We take care of analysing your needs, giving shape to the project and carrying out the entire personnel selection process.

Contact Melt Group to find the best specialist talent for your business.


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