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At Melt Group we back talent. We’re experts in human resources for companies. We look for the skills that your projects need in order to grow and we personally assess each one of our candidates. Our personalised service is part of our team’s DNA.

Melt’s experience, values and proactive action is what you need to find the talent you’re searching for, allowing you to develop each one of your projects.

HR Consultants

Human Resources

Human resources are the cornerstone of every company, enabling them to efficiently manage the people who work there. Melt Group works actively, in a customised way, to achieve the goals that will shape the character of your business.

We take care of the selection and recruitment of the staff you need to make the contracting process more effective and personalised. The human resources department is vital for bringing out the best in any company.

A company’s people are the ones who make a success of every project and finding talent is our business. Our team specialized in HR offers progression, growth and development.

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Human Resources in the company

There are many challenges to be faced when we take charge of the human resources function in a company. Overcoming each of them is crucial to economic success.

In our Human Resources Consultancy we’re committed to designing ad hoc strategies for our clients. One of the key factors is to strengthen the basic pillars of the company’s human resources:

The search for talent

Finding real talent that is both specialised and skilled, is one of the most frequent problems for a company human resources department. At Melt Group we’re specialists in this and we search relentlessly for suitable candidates. In addition to using our own database, we go out to universities and training institutions to reach the people who with the potential to become a quality human asset for our customers.

Business growth

Getting businesses and professionals to work together is key to any human resources service. We’re aware that our customers’ objectives are based on optimising business growth through increased profitability and improved productivity. To achieve this we need to have well-trained, intelligent human capital.

Data analysis

Using big data means we can actively measure each of our processes. Our team of consultants analyses the metrics that give us our powerful management system (ERP), so we can offer clients the best solutions for their projects. We search for speciality and knowledge.

Business leadership

One of the basic pillars for the human resources department to function correctly in the company comes from the ability to lead. Things have changed and we need leaders who are committed to delegating. Throughout the professional search process, we maintain direct contact with the client, making sure that we both row in the same direction.

Professional loyalty

A good human resources service does not end with hiring the employee.  At Melt Group we carry out an active follow-up, in order to retain both the client and the candidate. We ensure the whole process runs smoothly and that both sides achieve success together.

The Human Resources role

The role of human resources has changed over the course of history. A few years ago, the task of these professionals was basically to select and hire personnel, but nowadays they carry out many more functions for the company.

Attracting talent to an organisation is the top priority for our service. We could say that the main function of our Human Resources Consultancy is the recruitment and selection of personnel, always attending to the needs of each and every client. The end goal is to facilitate the incorporation of the professional in the business environment.

Defining the job, the candidate’s functions and responsibilities, plus the design of the recruitment strategy is one of the priorities that we have to address. For this, we have the experience and the specific tools that allow us to achieve success.

Managing all company personnel is another of the human resources department’s functions. To do this correctly, it’s important to have cutting-edge technology, which provides management possibilities integrated into business processes.

Remuneration studies, equality plans and training are other essential functions within the remit of a company’s human resources department.

Melt Group can offer you all these services, customised to suit you and your requirements. We take care of analysing your needs and from there we put all the machinery into operation.

What job openings are there in Human Resources?

People are the most important thing for Melt Group and this can be extended to any human resources department. Jobs in HR focus on improving the company’s working environment, optimising the personnel selection and achieving a symbiotic relationship between employee and employer.

At business level, all kinds of profiles can make up a human resources department. Our purpose is to reinforce them through our customised services. Jobs such as the human resources director, the recruitment technical expert, the talent manager or the person in charge of internal communication, all enable the company to have a pleasant working environment.

Qualities of a human resources manager

The qualities of a human resources manager focus on empathy, experience, knowledge and the correct selection of talent:

  • Leadership skills are crucial to managing diverse teams.
  • The human resources manager’s empathy allows him or her to get to know the company’s staff, motivate the workers and provide help whenever necessary.
  • Communication skills are essential in HR.
  • Time management and optimisation are essential for improving every recruitment and selection process.

A good human resources manager knows how to adapt to changes and developments. They’re not afraid of innovation and they have perfect knowledge of the market in which they operate.

The Human Resources plan

The human resources plan is an essential document for any company. At Melt Group we have extensive experience in this regard and we can help you design the necessary strategy to optimise staff resources in your business.

This document provides all the strategic planning you need to ensure your HR department works perfectly. The plan must consider your business objectives and how to achieve them with the company’s human capital.

A good human resources plan will include hiring policies, remuneration studies, legal regulations, different types of contracts, equality plans, training policies, technology solutions and management tools, etc. The main aim of this document is to improve company productivity by putting in place a satisfactory workplace climate.

What we achieve is that each professional is familiar with the company’s internal employment regulations, among other things. It’s a very technical document, which must cover everything related to the human resources involved in the business.

For this reason, it’s essential that the preparation and writing is done by professionals working in the sector. Our HR consultants are specialists in preparing ad hoc human resources plans.

How can we help you?

Our philosophy is clear: we want to be your human resources partner; each client’s general objectives are taken fully on board. We adapt to the requirements of each project and are totally committed to achieving shared goals.

The solutions we offer you lead to successful results. Cutting-edge technology allows us to offer high quality solutions, both for our clients and for our candidates, so we can optimise their professional development.

At the centre of our organisation is the figure of the HR consultant, who is specifically trained in the sector. Each one of our consultants is fully aware of the needs of clients and candidates.  In this way we make sure we get a perfect match between both profiles.

This is how we can help you at Melt Group:

With our experience: Melt Group was founded in 2009 with a strong commitment to excellence. More than 10 years of experience make us a leading company in the human resources sector at national and international level.

With our knowledge: our values are focused on knowledge, experience and speciality. We know how to get the most out of the staff your business needs.

With our technology: our ERP management system enables us to use big data and cutting-edge technology to manage more efficient processes. We work with a large volume of data, improving the way we analyse indicators and optimising every recruitment process.

With our team: the Melt Group human capital is more than well prepared to meet our clients’ needs and always improve their prospects. Our commitment to continuous training is crucial for our day to day operation.

Human Resources - Melt Group
Human Resources - Melt Group

Personnel recruitment and selection process

Using customised personnel selection processes, our human resources consultancy covers the needs of each client meticulously. We are a personnel recruitment and selection company based on innovation and technology.

We have our own high-quality databases, in which security is of the utmost importance.

We apply innovative personnel selection methods, which are fully defined in every human resources plan.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) are endless. This is about outsourcing a company’s human resources department. At Melt Group we guarantee cutting-edge solutions to improve your company’s business development based on channelling its HR. We seek excellence and pursue quality in each project. We want to see you grow and be with every step of the way.


Equality plans

In addition to a good human resources plan, equality plans are crucial to good practice in companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate. Our specialist consultants develop each plan tailor-made to your requirements, so you can safeguard equality between all the workers in your business.

At Melt Group we make sure our clients comply with current equality and HR legislation and standards. We do it by providing smart and successful solutions.

Remuneration studies

Remuneration or pay studies are highly effective for knowing the salary ranges for each industry or sector. We analyse the salaries of a large number of employees from all categories, so we can put reliable data and statistics on the table.

Melt Group is one of the remuneration research companies leading the human resources sector. We work with technology that allows us to provide accurate and detailed data.

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International recruitment

Our HR consulting firm offers you global personnel solutions. We look for the talent you need and we locate it wherever it may be. We have the attitude to make it happen and the resources that allow us to offer you impeccable solutions.

We are in constant contact with people specialising in very diverse sectors across the entire world.

We know that to pinpoint that special intelligence will mean using all our resources and that’s exactly what we do.

Can we help you?

Contact Melt Group if you need the expert advice of a specialist Human Resources Consultancy. We’re endorsed by years of experience and constant training so we can become your trusted partner in HR matters.


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