Finding a job in a world of high standards and professionalism is not easy. For many people, the most difficult part of the process is the dreaded interview. It is a stressful and decisive moment, both for the interviewee, who wants to show his or her full potential in a few minutes, and for the interviewer, who has to make sure to ask the right questions and assess the answers correctly. Are you about to enter the competitive world of work? Do you want to know how to control your nerves in an interview? Take note, we have the best tips for you!

At the moment, nervousness is totally valid, but sometimes it can play tricks, especially if you don’t learn how to control it. This simple problem can even be a reason to miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the job of your dreams.

What is nervousness? Symptoms of nervousness

Before learning to control something, the most logical thing to do is to know what it is. Colloquially, we can say that nerves are a response of the body to a stimulus from the outside world that is new, something unfamiliar that it does not yet know how to cope with and that, in a way, alters the senses.

From a scientific point of view, nerves result in the excessive release of cortisol, known as the stress hormone. It can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

Excessive sweating.

  • Tachycardia
  • Feeling cold.
  • Uncontrolled laughter.
  • involuntary movements
  • upset stomach

In more extreme cases, it is possible to lose control of the senses and even experience some pain or loss of consciousness. Nervousness is not considered an illness, unless it becomes a limiting factor in everyday activities, but it can sometimes be interpreted as a symptom of an illness.

We can all feel nervous on occasions where there is vulnerability, such as a job interview. However, the ability to control the symptoms will depend on multiple internal and external factors, which we will discuss below.

Why do I feel nervous at a job interview?

The job interview is a key moment when you make a first impression about yourself to the employer. This act is crucial to demonstrate your skills as a professional and, of course, your attitude towards the job opportunity.

In this sense, the anxiety your mind feels because of the need to impress, to get the job and even because of what it means for your own future, manifests itself in the form of nervousness, causing several of the symptoms listed above.

5 tips for managing your nerves at an interview

Everyone has a different way of dealing with nerves and depending on the circumstances in which they are triggered, and your particular ability, they may be more or less noticeable.

Self-confidence and self-esteem play an important role here, as well as the experience and age of the applicant. Therefore, some tips will be more effective than others, but in general there are some that can be applied in all cases.

Try these 5 tips:

– Prepare well for the interview

Before you go to the interview, take some time to prepare yourself, not only psychologically, but also professionally. If you applied for the vacancy, you obviously have the required profile, but it never hurts to brush up on the duties inherent to that particular position.

You also need to research about the company’s history, mission, vision and objectives; this way, you will feel more involved and that will give you confidence, in fact, you will feel familiar when talking about your possible future in the institution. For this, checking the website and social media is a rule.

On the other hand, part of this preparation also involves doing a bit of research on job interview topics, what to do and what not to do, for example. This will help you understand the dynamics of the activity and you will be able to focus on just what you need to do.

– Do breathing exercises

Although it seems like a very basic recommendation, it is one of the most effective tips, not only to control your nerves before an interview, but also to control many reactions in different areas of your life.

Relaxing, going blank and breathing in a controlled way will teach you to know yourself, to be aware of your senses, your surroundings and to calm your mind. Taking three breaths of fresh air before arriving at the interview venue will fill you with vitality, good energy and self-control.

– Practice in front of the mirror

As if it were a speech, one evening before the interview you can imagine the scene, stand in front of the mirror and study your facial expressions to avoid being too expressive or, on the contrary, too formal.

It’s not a matter of studying poses, but of watching your body language and checking for possible reactions, so that you minimise the cases where you might be caught off guard. In this sense, working out questions in your mind and observing yourself answering them is a good exercise.

– Be yourself

The purpose of any job interview is to verify, first-hand, that the job applicant has the presence, confidence and attitude that the position requires. Your academic qualifications and professional experience have already been checked with your CV and references; now it’s your turn to shine.

You must be confident in your ability, your manner and your knowledge, but without being arrogant. This way, your confidence will show through and make you stand out.

– Make sure you feel good

Finally, it is essential that you are in the best physical and emotional condition for the interview, so avoid staying up late a few days before the interview, sleep well, eat properly and stay away from situations that may alter your emotions.

Take care of your hygiene and your presence, try to choose a sober, simple and demure outfit, but especially comfortable; something you feel really good in. Also avoid revealing necklines that might make you feel uncomfortable.

All this will help you to control the normal nerves before an interview.

At Melt Group we are dedicated to creating an action plan that helps establish alliances between the business world and the human resources it needs to progress, ensuring that institutions select the staff they really need and that, despite being human beings who experience nerves in a specific situation, such as a job interview, they are able to control them, demonstrating their professionalism and good attitude.

We take care of analysing the impact that a job interview can have when employing personnel, minimising the risks and the investment it requires.

We offer you the best tips to control your nerves in a job interview and everything you should consider in relation to this crucial moment in the process of obtaining employment.

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