HR in the Health Sector

The selection of health service personnel from any field is essential in order to offer a high quality of care. Melt Group has been working for years with entities in the health sector, which enables us to offer a high-quality service in the search for talent for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or private clinics.


Historically, health profiles were sought and selected by the network of management and/or health care teams. Current health needs have changed. Today, the demand for health profiles is much higher. This makes the selection and the recruitment of health personnel very valuable. Having a Human Resources team specializing in Healthcare is a priority if the objective is to hire qualified and experienced personnel.


Healthcare specialists

Melt Group works with large hospital groups, in order to provide them with the best healthcare personnel. We have a team specializing in the healthcare sector, which is exclusively dedicated to the recruitment of healthcare personnel, always following the parameters and requirements of each client. Our extensive database of healthcare profiles equips us as an HR consultancy specializing in this sector.

Clinical trials

Recruiting trained personnel to perform a specific clinical trial is essential for the project to come to fruition quickly and successfully. Melt Group works with different healthcare companies that need selection of highly qualified staff. Our candidates can undertake their professional work in the field of clinical trials, thanks to the numerous selection processes that we open in this sector.

Furthermore, through our partners, we make nursing profiles available to clinical trials in both hospital and “home nurses” settings.


Home care

In order to offer the best solutions in the recruitment of healthcare personnel, at Melt Group we are beginning to develop our talent search project for home care. Our client will be able to access candidates from the health sector, in order to locate profiles that fit perfectly when caring for patients at home. The objective is for these professionals to be able to perform tasks from medical check-ups to home-level analytics.

Recruitment of health personnel


In Spain, professionals in the health sector play a fundamental role. They are also extremely popular internationally because of their training and experience. This makes Spanish health workers very highly valued at the European and even global level.

Melt Group offers you the best recruitment of specialized health personnel: nurses, biologists, doctors, physiotherapists, orderlies, biotechnologists, laboratory technicians, assistants, chemists, stomatologists, radiologists, intensive care specialists, emergencies, etc. are only some of the profiles that form part of our exhaustive database.

The health team at Melt Group analyses the client’s HR needs, in order to offer specialized candidates, who increase the human capital of each project.

Our own method of personnel selection

Melt Group makes various agreements with top-level hospital groups. In addition, we work with health clinics, specializing in different areas of the Health sector. This has given us in-depth knowledge of the sector, which has helped us design a selection process for different healthcare personnel.

We analyse each candidate in a personalized way, establishing what aptitudes they can bring to the job position. Human and professional values are essential, since what we are looking for is the perfect combination of both. In this way, we can guarantee that our candidates meet the profile requirements demanded by our client.


Profiles in Healthcare

If you are a healthcare professional, you can now sign up to our database of healthcare candidates. You will be part of our database where a specialized team will be responsible for reviewing your profile, in order to offer you the best professional opportunities.

If you want to work in the Healthcare sector and have the necessary training to do so, you can sign up for the job offers that best fit your profile. We offer you national and international professional opportunities, which will ensure exponential professional growth.

In our Human Resources consultancy, we constantly work on the development of our candidates. We have recently implemented new management software, which enables us to speed up the candidate search processes, making them even more accurate when it comes to finding the most suitable profiles for each position.

Melt Group is committed to specialization in the selection and recruitment of healthcare personnel. We look for talent and put it in the hands of the best hospital groups and clinics in the world. We have a powerful database of candidates, consisting of all kinds of health profiles, to strengthen companies in the Healthcare sector.


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