Headhunting is one of our personnel selection and recruitment methods. At Melt Group we are constantly on the lookout for candidates who can bring benefits to your company. We analyse your needs before planning the entire personalised strategy, with the aim of incorporating the best talent into your business.

What is headhunting?

The translation of headhunter is “headhunter”. Therefore, headhunting is a tailor-made recruitment method, in which an expert carries out a very specific search for talent that perfectly matches the professional profile that the company requires.

Headhunting companies in Spain and the rest of the world are dedicated to locating professionals who have unique qualities and who could be a perfect fit for a specific position in your organisation. It is not a passive search for personnel, but we must move to meet the agreed objectives.

Headhunting is of great interest in the search for managers and positions of high responsibility. However, at Melt Group, we use Executive Search techniques to locate the perfect talent to fill management positions.

A headhunter specialises in recruiting personnel through specific processes. It is common to request this professional profile to recruit highly specialised professionals, management teams and middle management.

Our Human Resources Consultancy is highly specialised in Headhunting. We have the necessary tools to offer you great results through our exclusive personnel selection processes. We are committed to the personalisation of the entire project, in order to shorten times and reduce the use of unnecessary resources in the recruitment of personnel.

Outsourcing the search services for qualified personnel, through an HR Consultancy, is essential for your company. Our team analyses the situation and your needs, with the aim of bringing to your organisation the talent that will improve both the company’s image and its economic results.


The role of the headhunter

Originally, the role of the headhunter was focused on executive search, but nowadays we resort to headhunting to find complex profiles, which are difficult to find. A good headhunter has very specific skills to analyse the market and recruit specific professionals.

The great advantage of having a Head-Hunting company is the time saving in the whole process. This is because the professionals we select through a headhunting project are not usually actively looking for a job. The experience of the professional headhunter is essential to find that talent that is not in the market looking for a new job. At Melt Group we pull all our strings to help you find the best professional for the job you need to fill.

The Headhunting process

There are many phases that we carry out in a selection process through the Headhunting method:

  • Analysis of the job profile that our client needs to cover.

  • Advice throughout the whole procedure.

  • Preliminary study of possible recruitment sources: big data, own database, competitor companies, professional social profiles, universities, etc.

  • Initial contact with the candidate: at first, when we have found the perfect candidate, we explain the characteristics of the position we have vacant.

  • Personal interviews: the Melt Group headhunter meets with the professional, with the aim of obtaining a lot of information about their work situation, CV and career.

  • Report: we write a complete report for the client. After the Headhunting process, our client must know the peculiarities and particularities of the possible candidates.

  • Interview in the company: finally we present the potential candidates to the client, so that he/she can make a decision.

  • Negotiation: At Melt Group we advise our clients throughout the negotiation phase with the candidate, with the firm objective of speeding up the process, optimising the understanding between both parties and achieving success in the negotiation.

Advantages of hiring a headhunter service

The main advantage of hiring a professional headhunter to fill positions in your company is the reduction of time and resources, especially economic, in the selection process. Headhunting companies have the necessary tools to satisfy your business needs through the search for personal assets.

Increased efficiency: experience allows us to know the different channels through which talent moves. We know where the potential you need is and we are highly familiar with the recruitment and selection processes.

Larger range: outsourcing the search for specific talent will allow you to access a greater number of profiles. At Melt Group we have our own database of more than 300,000 professionals.

Time saved: hiring a headhunter reduces stress and effort for your Human Resources team. Our headhunter will work hand in hand with your company’s HR managers, with the certainty that they will locate that professional profile within the agreed deadlines.

We are impartial: it is a priority for the headhunter to be completely impartial throughout the entire talent recruitment process. Impartiality provides guarantees of success when it comes to filling jobs.

Innovative methods: in our Human Resources Consultancy we are committed to the constant training of our entire professional team. This allows us to be at the forefront of new recruitment methods.

Confidential work: the entire Headhunting process is carried out in a completely confidential manner. Moreover, if you do not want potential candidates to know the name of the company before moving forward with the project, we will do so.

Cost reduction: if saving time is an important advantage, the reduction of economic costs and labour resources is even more so. Thanks to our experience in the area of specialised personnel recruitment, we can carry out the entire Headhunting protocol more quickly and efficiently, reducing the company’s expenses to a minimum and guaranteeing success.

Qualities of a headhunter

Not all Human Resources professionals have the necessary qualities to be a good headhunter. In headhunting, we work directly with people who are not actively looking for a job, therefore communication skills must be superior. In addition, it is important that the expert has other qualities:

  • Patience
  • Honesty
  • Knowledge of the position
  • Knowledge of the sector
  • Research capacity
  • Elocuence
  • Ability to search for profiles
  • People skills
  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Discretion

Innovating Headhunting techniques

Betting on new technologies to implement new Headhunting techniques is perfect. Although personalised, face-to-face contact is still our favourite option, technological innovation opens up a magnificent way to recruit talent.

Big data is already part of our daily work. It consists of data analysis, which allows us to study a large number of profiles in a short period of time. Our ERP management system is an infallible support to reduce resources and costs when analysing profiles on a massive scale.

The use of digital platforms to carry out a first contact with the potential candidate is another of the Head-Hunting techniques that are currently being used. In no case does the digital interview replace the personal interview, although it does provide us with interesting data and information quickly.

Through gamification we are able to determine what skills our candidates have and, thus, sift out those profiles that do not meet the requirements.


How can we help you at Melt Group?

At Melt Group we have a team of highly qualified headhunters with extensive experience in recruitment and selection techniques. We offer you tailor-made selection processes. Our HR Consultancy has the necessary skills to guarantee your success in the search for personnel.

This is how we work at Melt Group to find talent

  • Face-to-face or telephone meeting with the client to get to know the company culture and understand their specific needs. We advise on the job description and the profile of the desired candidate.

  • Head Hunting process: research and recruitment of profiles in competitor companies and other specific environments.

  • Search in our own database with more than 300,000 candidates.

  • Personal interviews with candidates and competency-based assessment.

  • Sending a short list of pre-selected candidates.

  • Organisation of interviews between candidates and our client.

  • Checking references of shortlisted candidates.

  • We advise our client, if desired, in the contractual negotiation with the candidate.

  • Incorporation of the selected candidate and follow-up.


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