Executive Search

Our Headhunting services focus on a talent search process that’s customised for each client.  Executive Search is one of the Melt Group specialities. We actively seek talent to fill executive and leadership positions. The main objective pursued by our HR consultants is to locate highly qualified professionals, who will develop their professional careers in our clients’ organisations.

The direct search for executive profiles is a fundamental part of how Melt Group operates. We have extensive experience in the matter, as we have personalised and high quality talent search protocols. It all begins with the analysis of the client’s needs and from there our consultancy goes into operation as we strive to exceed every client’s expectations.

What is Executive Search?

We can define Executive Search as the Head Hunting technique that specialises in the search for executive profiles, middle managers and highly qualified personnel to fill a specific position in a company. This is a direct search for the executive, so it differs considerably from traditional recruiting and selection techniques.

In this case, the professional profile we’re looking for tends not to be actively job hunting, so the Executive Search expert must resort to different techniques to hunt down talent among highly qualified professionals, who are not actively searching for professional opportunities. Highly trained head hunters are responsible for locating these profiles for our clients.

At Melt Group we have the advantage that experience gives us. Our career path began with various Executive Search methods in Africa, which we have implemented globally throughout all these years of experience.

Executive Search

The importance of having Executive Search Partners

If you need to fill an executive position with an experienced professional who already has the necessary training to do the job, it’s essential to have the tools that a Human Resources and Executive Search consultancy like Melt Group can provide.

The experience gained over the years by our team of HR consultants means that we can assure you of success in the search for specific talent. We always start by talking with our client, so we can understand what their needs are and set some concrete objectives.

By making a complete and detailed study of the situation, we set deadlines and provide great solutions for tracking down executive profiles. We’re specialists in talent management and we have the necessary tools to optimise the entire recruitment process for executive positions.

At Melt Group we work with clients from various sectors all over the world. Our Human Resources Consultant has offices and partners in different places across the planet, allowing us to find talent in remote places.

Exclusivity is one of the strengths of our executive search services. We custom design the talent search method, taking into account each client’s needs and requirements.

Advantages of Executive Search for your organisation

Executive Search companies have an important task ahead. Our commitment to our clients is fundamental and filling vacancies in record time is a priority. We look for the best solutions that enable companies to attract and secure talent.

To do this, we employ custom designed candidate management systems, as well as ad hoc protocols, which help us to carry out high-quality headhunting procedures.

  • At Melt Group we have extensive experience in the search for executive officers for companies in different business sectors.
  • We apply customised protocols, guaranteeing quick solutions and preventing our clients from losing both time and resources.
  • We actively study the needs and requirements of each client, with the aim of finding the executive who is best suited to the job.
  • Our experience in personnel recruitment allows us to locate professionals who are a perfect fit for the vacant post.
  • We analyse the client’s requirements, so we can ensure the selected candidate meets all of them.
  • Exclusivity and privacy are values that define us in our Executive Search projects.

Phases of the Executive Search method

1. Interview with the client

In Melt Group’s Executive Search Services we emphasise the importance of having in-depth knowledge of each client’s business. At the initial interview and subsequent analysis of your needs, our team of qualified consultants establishes the objectives to be covered.

At this point we study everything related to Human Resources in each company. We define the executive position we’re being asked to fill and analyse the qualities that the professional must have so we can match them with the company.

2. Profile research

Taking into account that professionals for managerial positions don’t appear in job recruitment listings, it’s essential for our advisers to analyse the competition. We research companies where we can find the talent we need, so we can detect potential candidates for recruitment.

3. Candidate sourcing

This is when we establish direct and personal contact with the candidates that fit the initial requirements.

4. Assessment of professionals

By carrying out personal interviews, our head hunters are able to analyse the characteristics and values of short-listed candidates. The objective is to shorten the number of professionals with an initial screening process. To do this, we delve into each candidate’s personality, qualities and training.

If the client wishes, we keep the name of the company secret. This means that potential candidates will not know any sensitive company information until the client considers it appropriate.

5. Short List

During all the previous phases of the Executive Search process we have worked to make a short list of possible candidates and we pass to our client so they can go through them carefully. We always provide advice on this matter, so the company can make the most of our HR experience.

6. Hiring

At Melt Group we accompany you throughout the recruitment and selection process of qualified personnel. You’ll receive advice on how to negotiate and hire the executive. Your success is our success too.

7. Follow-up

The Executive Search job doesn’t end with the candidate being recruited and joining the company. Our Human Resources Consultancy always goes above and beyond. To ensure success, we monitor the hired professional and analyse our client’s satisfaction following the entire procedure.

Executive search and selection involves the most advanced Personnel Selection techniques. Attracting top talent is the key to this entire process, without forgetting the retention of highly qualified executive personnel.

At Melt Group we provide our international Executive Search experience and we extrapolate our knowledge to a range of business sectors. Contact us and we’ll give you all the information you need.


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