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Our global knowledge and local expertise allow us to offer high quality services.
We always work together to integrate real and quality solutions, listening and understanding that each person in the company is the future of the company. Therefore we are firmly committed to finding great people for great companies.
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SQA Manager

Almussafes, Valencia,Spain
  • Fecha Publicación: 16/05/2022
  • We stand out because we are...

    Always at the customer’s service.

    We base our success on a culture of excellent service, overcoming the basic requirements of our sector.

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    Recruiting and selection

    When it comes to finding the right people fot the job, you need a team that knows where to look for talent. We offer a comprehensive service and adapt to all types of companies.


    The selection of personnel is a process that we apply to companies that hire professionals. The objective is to find the perfect employee.

    Executive Search

    Our Headhunting services focus on a talent search process that’s customised for each client. Executive Search is one of the Melt Group specialities. We actively seek talent to fill executive and leadership positions.


    Search, selection, attraction and loyalty of people to companies. We help you to achieve success through human capital.

    Additional services


    Recruitment Process Outsourcing, known as RPO, can act as an extension of the organisation’s Human Resources service, providing comprehensive recruitment and hiring solutions.

    Job description

    We identify, describe and define a specific position, taking into account the tasks to be carried out, the conditions under which they are carried out and the responsibilities that the position itself entails.

    Job evaluation

    System that allows us to carefully define what is the real value of each worker within a company.

    Remuneration studies

    One of our top priorities is studying the salary ranges of our
    clients and carefully analysing the market in which we operate. At our Human Resources
    Consultancy we all the tools needed to do this.

    Professional career plans

    Technique to retain talent within the company, improving training plans and remuneration for each job.

    Strategic remuneration plan

    We analyze the remuneration policy that the company must have in order to achieve the global objectives of improving profits.

    Equality plans

    Company equality plans are essential for staying up-to-date on employment matters and preventing gender discrimination.


    We help you create a complete guide containing each of the actions to be put in place by the organisation in terms of training.

    Our sectors

    Agriculture & Farming

    Specialisation is key in this sector.

    Architecture & Construction

    We have 15 years of experience in the sector.


    Customers value our international experience.


    Specialized in technical and commercial profiles.

    Chemical Industries

    National & international experience.

    Electrical & Air Conditioning

    All types of specialised profiles.


    Experience in large international projects.


    We are engineers who select engineers.

    Finance & Administration

    We provide all types of profiles in our Data Base.

    Food & Beverage

    One of the reference sectors of the Melt Group.

    Healthcare & Medical Devices

    We have a dedicated and specialized department.

    IT & Telecommu-nications

    We keep up with the evolution of technology.

    Logistic & Transport

    More than 10 years working with transport companies.

    Production & Manufacturing

    Data Base always updated with operational profiles.

    Retail & Hospitality

    Customers in the sector always return.

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