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Our Human Resources Consultancy has extensive experience in the sector. After several years of experience and collaboration with different HR partners at global level, we have a range of active job offers in innovative companies.

Knowledge, training, attitude and intelligence are what talent is built on. Our team of recruiters is looking for just that: TALENT. If you have quality skills in a specific sector, don’t hesitate to join the Melt Group candidate database.

Innovation and technology have enabled us to build a comprehensive database, in which there’s room for professionals with outstanding qualities from the different sectors we specialise in.

I'm looking for a job,
how do I find one?

Looking for work is a situation that everyone goes through at some point in their life. It’s a big world and somewhere out there is a job that will make you grow both professionally and personally.

To find a job with all possible guarantees it’s essential that you invest in education, training and knowledge. Excellence is key to excelling in the personnel recruitment and selection processes.


First steps for finding a job

1. The importance of the CV

At Melt Group we teach you how to make a successful CV. Follow all our tips and don’t leave the writing of your CV to chance. This document is your chance to highlight your professional experience and your training, as well as your qualities and skills. The information you include in your CV will depend on the job you’re going to apply for.

2. Professional references

If you already have workplace experience, including a letter of recommendation with your CV is essential. This will allow the recruiter to know much more about your way of working and your strengths as an employee. This document must be written up by a former manager or senior executive in companies where you’ve worked in the past.

3. Motivational letter

The motivational letter is now tending to replace the well-known cover letter. It’s a more creative document, requiring persuasive language and the use of calls to action. What you’re looking for with this type of letter is to get the recipient to see something different in you, to motivate them to arrange an interview.

4. Your concerns and goals

Being clear on your concerns about the world of work is your priority for finding a job. You’ll have to make the effort to know yourself so you can set yourself some clear goals. Make detailed lists so you can see on paper all the things you could achieve with determination and dedication.

5. Job preferences

Finding a good job is hard work, but the payoff can be amazing. Focus on what really matters to you when applying for a job. Keep in mind that your training and knowledge is essential so you can have access to all sorts of jobs. Nowadays, keeping yourself constantly updated is a good way of finding work.

6. The companies you like

Have a clear idea of the companies where you’d like to work is a perfect strategy if you’re in the middle of job hunting. What values do you want the company where you’ll be working to promote? This question is crucial for optimising your job search process.

How do you find a job?

At Melt Group we’re going to help you learn how to find a job. We can offer you some tips and advice that will be a great help in your active job search.

  • Analyse your job aspirations: think hard about your job goals and actively focus on them.
  • Improve your CV: review your CV and take time to improve it. Make different versions to answer different job adverts.
  • Improve your candidacy: collect positive references and letters of recommendation; they can help you to get noticed by a specific company.
  • Write your motivational letter, taking your professional and personal worth into account.
  • Use social networks: your LinkedIn profile must be fully updated and look extremely professional. Recruiters may come to this social network to search for candidates with your profile.
  • Sign up for our database of candidates: at Melt Group we have a powerful international candidate database that enables us to intuitively pinpoint talent for very specific positions. Being part of our system will open many doors for you when it comes to finding a job.
  • Check job adverts: avoid mass mailing your CV and focus on applying for the jobs advertised every day. On our digital platform you can find lots of job offers both here in Spain and abroad.
  • Keep training: while you’re in the process of looking for work, keep up your training. Gaining more knowledge is a great way of improving your CV. Companies are always on the lookout for well-qualified personnel with highly specialised training. If you specialise in something very specific, you’ll have many opportunities to find a fit with jobs in your category.

How can we help you at Melt Group?

One of the key features of Melt Group is that we work with people and for people. Our Human Resources Consultancy specialises in searching for talent all over the world. We have adapted technologically to the current situation, and we’ve successfully exceeded our clients’ expectations.

We run high-quality personnel selection processes, saving costs and keeping deadlines to a minimum. Our large candidate database means we have direct contact with talent, with more than 300,000 professionals around the world already on our files.

If you want to know how to find a job, Melt Group is your ally. Sign up to our database of candidates, take a look at the job offers and present your application for jobs where you could stand out and successfully develop your professional career.


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