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Do you know what your salary band is? At Melt Group we’re going to help you understand what a company’s salaries are dependent on. It’s very important that you acquire this type of knowledge as it will help you to get your salary aspirations right and ensure your work is valued.

In most organisations, the people responsible for remuneration and Human Resources are also in charge of calculating the salary band for each job. The aim is to pay fair wages and salaries so the company can avoid leaking talent. By carrying out remuneration studies, they set a specific salary band for each category.

Obviously, as a candidate for a job, it’s essential that you know your salary band, as it directly influences your professional expectations.

What is the salary band?

The salary band is a very important concept within Human Resources companies. Basically, it involves setting a salary range taking into account different categories of jobs within the same company. The company’s organisation chart is a key factor in producing a hierarchy of the types of jobs that exist and their salary ranges.

To calculate your salary band, the key is to carry out a complete market study. The sector in which you perform your professional activity helps us to establish the range of salaries being paid. The expectations of skilled workers in each position are also taken into account.

The remuneration received by workers within a business category is calculated taking the salary band into account. For this calculation, it’s important to analyse the employee’s training, as well as their experience, seniority, responsibility within the company and other aspects related to their abilities.

All this, added to the average salary in the same category and sector is what’s studied to establish how much employees are paid.

Calcula tu banda salarial

The importance of knowing the salary band

As a candidate, it’s very useful for you to know the salary band in your sector so you can respond honestly and without excessive ambition to possible questions about remuneration at job interviews. If the person in charge of HR asks you about your ideal salary, it’s best to give the amount you have in mind without going outside the established range for the job you want.

The remuneration of workers in a company is the sum of different types of salary. All of this generates the so-called emotional salary, which places value on the work done by employees. In addition to the monetary salary, other considerations are taken into account, such as work/life balance, expenses, flexible hours, the possibility of remote working, etc.

If you have a clear calculation of what your salary band is, you can easily assess whether the job you’re being offered meets your expectations. This is also beneficial for the company, since a happy worker increases the productivity and efficiency of any worthwhile company.

Calcula tu banda salarial

How the salary band is set in companies

  • Market research: a good sector remuneration analysis is essential for producing salary statistics.

  • Candidate profile: salary calculation also requires a complete study of each candidate for a job. Individualising employees is a way of enhancing their talent.

  • Economic analysis: companies and their Human Resources partners have to study their economic possibilities without losing sight of the every company’s main objective: to generate profits.

  • The emotional salary: to establish a quality salary band it’s essential that those in charge of doing so take the emotional salary into account, as meeting workers’ expectations is largely dependent on it.

Calculate your salary band with Melt Group

Setting a specific salary band requires a complex market and legislative study. Companies take into account a number of factors and variables when calculating salaries:

  • Sector and market analysis.
  • Study of productivity in each job.
  • Analysis of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) or the cost of living in each country.
  • Legislative study of the country.
  • Study of each worker’s personal and professional profile.
  • Viability of payment.
  • Analysis of shifts and schedules.
  • Study of the expectations of professionals.

By taking all these elements into account, companies develop the salary band of each job category within the company. Our remuneration studies allow us to stay in an ideal zone with respect to the competition, preventing the leakage of talent within the organization from being a problem.

Calcula tu banda salarial

Why is it important that you know your salary band?

If you’re invited for an interview for a job you’re interested in, you’re very likely to be asked questions related to salary. You’ll have to answer by giving an estimated figure and it’s important that you can come up with a serious justification in this regard.

Sometimes, because of the simple fear of exceeding the amount, the opposite happens. The interviewer wants to see you as a professional who values their own training and experience. You have to prove your worth and that comes at a price. The price is precisely your salary band.

Here at Melt Group, our advice is that you go into the job interview extremely well prepared. Analyse the market and study which salaries are applied in jobs like the one you want to get. This will open many doors for you, and your expectations will most likely be met if the interview goes well.

A good way to find out what sort of figures are involved in your salary band is to check out various job offers in your industry. The salary range is usually broad, but it’s still a good way of getting ready for these types of questions.

If you’re looking for a job, sign up to our candidate database. At Melt Group we’re specialists in Human Resources at international level.

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